I Wish I Was A Wombatman

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Kid Icarus is a big fan of Wombatman, Videoland's version of Batman. When they see the TV studio under attack by a giant robot, the N Team warps to the TV studio's video world and defeats the robot. One woman, who looks like a squid, develops a crush on Simon, but he feels very uneasy around her! When Kid Icarus meets Wombatman and gets his autograph, he's crushed to learn that Wombatman doesn't do his own stunts anymore. Wombatman sends the N Team on a tour of the studio. It turns out Mother Brain is behind the attack on the studio. She kidnapped Nikki, Wombatman's co-star and girlfriend, and used her to get Wombatman to lure the N Team here. After he does this, she refuses to let Nikki go. She sends King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard to sabotage the studio tour and kill the N Team. The N Team escapes, however, so Mother Brain decides that the best way to defeat the N Team is on the show. During the filming of the episode, in which the N Team guest-stars as themselves, King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard pull them into a giant black marble. Kid Icarus finally convinces Wombatman to help him rescue his friends. Wombatman and Kid Icarus save the day, and it's all caught on film and will air as the next episode. Simon ends up being chased by his biggest fan.