Queen of the Apes

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

The N Team is invited to Kongoland by Prince Plenty. Dr. Wily invents a brain swapper so Mother Brain can get a body. She chooses Princess Lana as the donor. However, when they go to Kongoland, Donkey Kong kidnaps Mother Brain and Gameboy. The brain swapper is accidentally attached and activated. Donkey Kong gets Gameboy's body, Gameboy gets Mother Brain's body, and Mother Brain get Donkey Kong's body. Simon and Kevin go to find "Gapeboy", Kid Icarus and Mega Man search for Gameboy's "brain-in-a-bottle", and Lana decides to give "Mother Kong" a makeover. Donkey Kong's family elect Simon their new leader! Everyone's brain is swapped back to the right place, and the Kong family carries Simon off.