The Fractured Fantasy of Captain N

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Kevin, Lana, Mega Man, and Kid Icarus visit the medieval world of Final Fantasy to have lunch with Lana's friend, the Prince - something Kevin is not looking forward to! They hear a cry for help, and a man tells them his magic shop was just robbed. He knows Astost, a man they don't wanna know, is behind this. A warp opens, and a witch flies out on her broom. She flies into Kid Icarus, and they both crash to the ground. When Kevin asks if he can help her, she reads off her shopping list. Lana says they better hurry to the Prince's castle, but Kevin would rather be fighting crooks. A man is hiding behind a tree and hears that Captain N is visiting the Prince. Kevin is tired of hearing about the Prince's battles, and goes into another room to get something to drink. The man is there, and he says that Kevin could be better than the Prince. The man casts a spell on Kevin, and tells him to put a sleeping potion in the Prince's drink. Kevin does it, and the Prince falls asleep - right in his soup! Mega Man finds out Kevin's under a magic spell, but doesn't know how. A warp opens, and the man is standing there. Kevin joins him, and the warp closes. Lana and the others warp to where the witch lives, and land in quicksand. Lana takes in a mouthful and has to spit it out! Kid Icarus uses his rope arrow to get them out, but then the witch finds them and tells them not to move. Lana introduces herself, and the witch turns her into a statue. Then the witch recognizes Mega Man and Kid Icarus, and she turns Lana back to normal. After learning about the spell placed on Kevin, the witch says that the light crystal would break it. Anyone that looked through it would see people for who they really are. But Astost stole the crystal from her years ago. Lana says they have to sneak into his castle. At Astost's castle, Kevin is training the warriors. Mega Man and Kid Icarus hide in a suit of armor and pretend to be a warrior looking to join the army. They keep Astost busy while Lana sneaks into the castle. Astost takes the new warrior into the room with the light crystal to guard it. Mega Man and Kid Icarus fall over, however, and are discovered. Kid Icarus grabs the crystal, and they start throwing it. A guard catches it - and the guard turns out to be Lana. Lana activates the crystal, and the spell on Kevin is broken. Astost is revealed to be a horrible monster. Kevin's wondering what's going on, and they get out of the castle. At the Prince's castle, the witch gives the Prince a potion to wake him up, and the Prince is unaware that anything happened, asking what's for dessert. Kevin says he's learned his lesson, and Lana kisses him on the cheek.