In the last episode of Captain N: The Game Master, Mother Brain's obsession to conquer VideoLand led her to a startling discovery...

"Metroid mirror on my wall, tell me how to crush them once and for all!"
"Hidden within Mount Olympus' towering peak, the three sacred treasures contain the power you seek."

Fueled by her mad craving for power, Mother Brain devised a clever plan to hold a Videolympics at Angel Land's Mount Olympus Colisseum with Captain N and his N-Team versus Mother Brain's villains. Kevin and the others were led to believe the games would finally bring peace to VideoLand, while in truth, the Videolympics was a trick, devised by Mother Brain, to get the three sacred treasures so she could destroy the N-Team once and for all.

" My power is unstoppable now! Behold! The Warp to the Oblivion Zone! Ah ha ha ha ha!!!"

And now, Captain N: The Game Master.....

"I've done it!" Mother Brain yelled. "Captain N and the N-Team will never be able to find their way out of that Zone!! I am the supreme ruler of VideoLand!! Ah ha ha ha ha!!"

Meanwhile, within the deadly Oblivion Zone...

"Something tells me we're about to have a nightmare on Mother Brain Street," Kevin remarked.
"The Oblivion Zone is the center to our universe, all Warps and Warp zones collide here," Megaman replied.
"Which one of these Warps did we come out of?" Kid Icarus commented
Lana looked around. "I don't know, but the wrong one could take us to any of a hundred deadly worlds."
"Stay cool guys. I've got an idea to find a way home," Kevin said. "Simon, you got any rope in that backpack of yours?"
"No, but I've got some fishing line," Simon replied, pulling out a fishing rod.
"Perfect." Kevin took the rod, and undid the reel. "We'll have a better chance of finding the way back if we each take a different Warp. Whoever finds the right one, just give a tug on the line."
"Affirmative," Megaman replied, and he entered a Warp.
"Here goes nothin'," Kid remarked, jumping into a Warp.
Bass smiled as he jumped into a warp, Link and Reinhart jumping into two more.
"You're next, Simon," Kevin said to the CastleVanian.
"Don't be silly," Simon replied. "I want to make sure both of you get off safely."
Lana smiled a bit. "That's very thoughtful of you Simon." Simon nodded and pushed her into the Warp. "Whoa!"
"Good luck," Kevin remarked, and jumped into a Warp.
"Who needs luck when you have brains?" Simon said to himself. "I'll just hang out here until I feel a pull on my line and I won't have to risk my handsome neck."
Just then, a pair of giant teeth rose from behind Simon, snapping at him.
"On the other hand why worry about a neck when you've got an entire body to think of?! Ah!!"

"Well, this doesn't look so bad."
Simon turned around and saw that he was in a pot that was over a fire, which ion turn was surrounded by a group of the natives who were about to attack with their spears!
"But that does!" He yelled, and dove back into the Warp.

At a baseball stadium, Lana warped in on top of third base.
"This must be the colisseum."
Lana looked to the voice, and ran to home plate, making it with a slide.
Lana brushed herself off and looked at the ump. "Is this the Olympus Colisseum?"
"Nah. This is Yankee Stadium," the ump replied, and he scratched his head as Lana went back through the Warp.

Kid Icarus warped in through some steps, and saw the colisseum. "Mount Olympus! I'm back in Angel Land!" He jumped out and pulled on the line. "I found it!"
Soon, everyone else had arrived, and Lana looked around. "Where is everybody? We've only been gone a few minutes."
Megaman ran a quick scan. "That's true for us, but my sensors indicate a month has passed in the rest of VideoLand."
"One of those Warps must have been a time gate," Kevin replied, knowing what this meant.
"Then Mother Brain's had free reign over VideoLand for a whole month?!" Link finished.

"Work faster! Or you'll find out there's worse places to be than Mount Mother Brain!"
"Mount Mother Brain?!" Kid yelled.
"You've got to help us!" an icarian cried. "King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard have taken over our world! And Dr. Wily took the three sacred treasures to MegaLand to conquer that world as well!"
"MegaLand?!" Megaman cried. "That's my home! We've got to get there fast!"
Lana shook her head. "But nothing can stop the power of the three sacred treasures."
Kid smiled at Lana. "I can, your highness."
"You?" Simon scoffed. "Ha! Impossible."
"With my Sacred Arrow, the Holy Helm, and the Mirror Shield, I most certainly can!" Kid replied.
"But you'll have to get past Medusa to get the Helm and the Shield," Kevin added.
"It's gonna be dangerous, but I've gott'a try. this is my world and kingdom."
"Kevin, Reinhardt, Bass and I will go with Megaman and see if we can slow down Dr. Wily until you and Simon get the power weapons we need," Lana replied
"Me?!" Simon objected. "But Medusa's even uglier than Mother Brain! Not as ugly as Ganon's mother, but still! One look at her face turns a man to stone!"
"Look on the bright side, Simon," Kevin replied. "You'd make a great statue."
"Oh yes, I would, wouldn't I?"

As Simon and Kid Icarus head for Medusa's Palace, Captain N and the others warp off to MegaLand.

"The Warp to the first robot master is over here!" Megaman yelled, pointing to a Warp.
Kevin looked at the door, and frowned. "You might wanna wait here, princess. These battles can get pretty funky."
Lana frowned. "My father taught me to fight for justice, Kevin." She picked up a metal pipe, and twirled it around like a boa, demonstrating her skill. "I can take care of myself."
Kevin was definitly impressed. "Uh, who's arguing?"
Bass and Reinhart jumped through a Warp, heading to take on Iceman.

The team teleported into Cutman's area, and Kevin shook his head. "Whoa, that was some kind of drop."
"Hurry! The blader will be here any second!" Megaman yelled as he climbed the ladder, Kevin and Lana following.
Suddenly, a blader zipped by, firing at the trio.
"It's a blader! Duck!"
The blader missed them, and Kevin nailed it with a Glove blast. "Smoked him!"
"This way!" Megaman yelled, climbing the next ladder. "Watch out for the beaks!"
The beaks fired 3 shots from the sides of the ladder. Megaman destroyed one, but Kevin got hit and fell to the ground.
"Are you all right Kevin?" Lana asked.
Kevin laughed and cracked his neck. "Hey, I'm the Game Master. They can't hurt me, much."
"But each time we get hit, we lose power," Megaman said, showing them his energy meter. There were five yellow units, and a dark black one.

Arriving at the top, Lana gasped for breath.
"That was incredible. I can hardly believe we made it all the way through."
"We haven't."
Lana looked at Kevin. "You mean there's more?!"
"And we've only got a little energy left!" Megaman replied. His energy meter was half and half.
"We're almost there," Kevin assured them. "All we have to do is get past Big Eye."
Lana sighed with relief. "After what we've been through, an eye doesn't sound like a big deal."
Suddenly, they felt a strong rumbling, and Kevin growled.
"It's not the eye I'm worried about," he said as a huge, one eyed machine jumped forward. "It's what's attached to it! Nuke 'em!!"
Megaman let loose on the Big Eye, Kevin firing with his Glove.
"Our blasts aren't cutting it!"
"We don't have enough power!"
The Big Eye jumped and hit Megaman, knocking him over. Looking at his energy meter, Rock gasped. "We only got one energy unit left! One more hit and we're finished!"
Just then, Big Eye jumped landed right on top of them...

...and they reappeared at the half-way point.
"We're alive! What happened?" Lana asked.
"We got the boot from ol' Big Eye," Kevin replied.
Dropping her head, Lana groaned. "You mean we have to go all the way through again?"
"That's nothin'," Kevin replied. "When I first played the game I went through it fifty times before I got to Wily."
Megaman sighed. "I'm afraid this isn't the same as your game, Kevin."
"What do you mean?" Lana asked.
"What I think he means is if we get trashed two more times, we're goin' to the big trash dump in the sky," Kevin replied.
Some bladers flew in, and Kevin groaned. "It's deja vu time, guys. Here we go again!"

As Captain N and the others make another attempt to get to the deadly Cutman, Simon and Kid Icarus make their way to a rendezvous with Medusa.

"Ahh, I could grow to enjoy rulin' this world for Mother Brain, eh Eggy?"
Eggplant Wizard smiled at his obese friend. "You said it Hippo. There's nothing like a hot tub with a steam to make a guy feel like a new eggplant."
Kid shook his head. "They're blocking the entrance to Medusa's castle."
"Just leave everything to Simon Belmont, master of disguise."
Kid groaned as Simon dug through his back pack. "Oh boy."
Simon was dressed with a black toupee, a blue toga, and glasses, and Kid Icarus was wearing a blue football helmet as they walked through.
"Hey!" Hippo called. "You must be the steam bath repair man."
Simon nodded, but Kid shook his head.
"This bath isn't hot enough. I'm barely sweatin'."
"Ah, yes," Simon replied. "Well, we'll have it fixed for you in a jiffy, won't we Shrimpicus?"
Kid growled at Simon. "Whatever you say. Dopis Maximus.",
"Hold this." Simon handed Kid a wrench, and Kid shook his fist at the man.
"Tell me when it's steamy enough for you," Simon called.
King Hippo signaled ok, and Simon turned the valve some, steam building up. "Wooh. That's hot enough."
Simon was about to stop, when Kid shoved him out of the way. "What's that? Still too cold?" He turned the valve even more, and the valve fell off.
Hippo and Eggy panted from the heat, and the tub's water erupted. They screamed as the blast lifted them up.
"We can use the steam as cover!" Kid said to Simon. "Come on!"

Meanwhile, back in MegaLand, Captain N and the others have made it back through the deadly Cut Maze.

"It's Big Eye again!" Megaman yelled.
"Be careful Kevin. If he flattens us, we're through," Lana said to the Game Master.
Kevin smiled as he programmed his Glove. "Don't worry. I got to be Game Master by learning from my mistakes." He ran forward and jumped over Big Eye, the giant machine turning around to face Kevin.
"Come on, you big trash-masher!" Kevin yelled. "Try to squash me, I dare you!!"
Big Eye jumped forward as Kevin blasted him some. The machine hit the ledge on the edge, which crumbled away as Kevin used the Glove pad to move behind him. A single Glove blast sent Big Eye falling off the edge, and it disintegrated.
"There's no time to waste!" Megaman yelled. "We've got to move it!"

Standing before a huge door, the trio got ready for action. "When I open the door, we've got to run." Megaman said. "Ready?"
Kevin and Lana nodded, and Megaman punched the door.
They ran down the hallway, and Iceman walked out, firing at them. Kevin flipped forward and blasted him. Fireman ran out, charged up and fired a barrage of fireballs at Kevin. Megaman fired at the robot, and Kevin vaporized Fireman. In response, Electroman fired down from the ceiling.
"Whoa! Return of the Jedi!" Kevin rolled around and blasted him. Bombman pulled out a bomb, and aimed at Kevin.
Megaman blasted the bomb, knocking Bombman back, and Kevin blasted Bombman. Gutsman tried to jump at Kevin, but got vaporized. They continued running down the hallway, and some screw batteries fired from behind, but Kevin blasted them.
Suddenly the door opened, and Cutman walked out.
"Cutman's the name, cutting's my game. And I don't mean hair." He fired his scissor blade at them and the trio dodged it.
"Ha! Missed!"
They fired at Cutman, but nothing happened. He smiled and fired his scissor blade at Megaman, knocking him down.
"He's too powerful, we can't stop him!" Lana exclaimed.
"Wann'a bet?" Kevin said, activating the Electro Beam he had absorbed from Electroman. "Hey Scissor Head! How about a jolt?!"
Cutman ran as Kevin fired, but the bolt caught him, frying his body and destroying him.
"Well that wasn't so bad," Lana remarked.
"You're right, princess," Kevin replied. "Compared to the Mavericks, Cutman was just a wimp."

Meanwhile, back on Mount Olympus, Simon Belmont and Kid Icarus approach Medusa's Lair in search of the needed power weapons.

"What perfectly dreadful statues." Simon commented on the statues. "Medusa has lousy taste in art."
"That's not art! They're warriors who looked at Medusa." Kid looked forward and saw the two weapons they were looking for. "Simon! These are the weapons we're looking for!"
Just then, they heard a sweet laugh, and a shadow appeared over the weapons.
"Medusa!" He put his hands over Simon's eyes. "Close your eyes!"
"What do you mean don't look?!" Simon argued. "How are we supposed to get the power weapons if we can't look where we're going?"
"We'll have to wear blinders," Kid replied. "Take off your back pack."
Kid Icarus threw some stuff out of of the bag, finding some black paint and a bucket. He put Simon's goggles over the man's eyes and painted them black.
"Hey! I can't see!"
"Good!" Kid replied. "I'll get the weapons, you distract Medusa. Whatever you do, don't look at her!" he said, putting the bucket on.
"What am I? An idiot?"
Kid groaned. You really need to ask that?
They walked into the room, and Simon smacked into a statue.
"Excuse me."
"Hello there, handsome," came a sweet voice to Simon's ears. "Why don't you take those goggles off and feast your eyes on me? Hmm?"
"Hmm, You don't sound very... ugly."
Kid walked into the stand with the Sacred Weapons, and felt around for the Holy Helm.
"I'm not ugly," replied the voice. "You're little friend is just jealous that I'll fall for you instead of him."
"Why that little sneak." Simon said. "Wanting you all to himself. How about giving your handsome Simon a great, big," he took off his goggles, and screamed as he saw the twisted face before him. "AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!"
Kid lifted the bucket, and grabbed the Helm, slipping it on his head as he heard a slithering come near him.
"Come out and take a look at beautiful Medusa!"
Kid ran, but Medusa grabbed his leg. "Look into my beauty!!"
"Not this time!!" Kid pulled the bucket off and revealed the helm on his head. He stared right into Medusa's eyes, and brought up his left arm, revealing the Mirror Shield. Medusa screamed as she saw her own face.
"No!! No!!! My own power!! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!
As Medusa turned to stone, Simon turned back to flesh. "Ooh. I must be out of shape. I feel kind of stiff."
"Never mind," Kid replied. "We've gotta get these Weapons back to MegaLand.
Just then, the other statues turned back into warriors of flesh and blood. One of them looked at Simon and Kid. "Wh.. What? What happened?"
Kid smiled at the warrior. "You've been re-enlisted into the Olympus Army against Mother Brain. As your prince, I order you to free your world!"
All the warriors bowed to Kid. "At once your highness!!"

As Prince Kid and company warp off to MegaLand, Captain N and the others arrive at Dr. Wily's command center...

Kevin and Megaman blasted down the door, and Wily smiled at them.
"I've been expecting you Captain N. Congratulations on nearly destroying my robot masters!"
"But we did destroy them!" Lana yelled.
"I'm afraid not, your highness," Wily replied. "You see...the three sacred treasures have given me unlimited power!! Ah ha ha ha ha ha!!!! I have more than enough to revive my little family!!!" He pushed some buttons, and a door opened to reveal all six of the robots. "Destroy Captain N!!"
The six ran out, yelling and firing off their weapons.
"We'd better make a retreat!" Megaman yelled, but Iceman fired and made ice bars blocking the way.
"So much for that idea." Lana remarked.
Just then, Bass and Reinhardt warped in, and Bass smiled. "I'm baaaaack!!!"
Electroman blasted Megaman, knocking him down. Fireman fired a fireball at the N-Team. They dodged it and it hit the ice bars, making them rain.
Then Simon and Kid warped in, in front of them.
"Have no fear, Simon Belmont is here!"
Dr. Wily snarled at the man. "Pulverize that stupid vampire hunter!!"
Fireman fired at Simon, and Simon deflected it with the Mirror Shield.
"Phew. Am I glad that worked."
"Kid, quick!" Lana yelled. "Shoot your arrow at the three sacred treasures!"
Kid Icarus fired, but a fireball made him dive, and the shot was too low. The arrow bounced around, and almost hit Wily and Simon.
"Crap! That's my last Arrow shot and I missed!!"
"Not yet," Lana said, and she picked up the Mirror Shield, reflecting the arrow off the polished surface, and sending it at the treasures, causing them to explode, and the robot masters to blast apart.
"You're finished now, Captain N!" Wily yelled, and his seat folded into a ship, powering up.
"He's going to ram us!" Bass yelled. Everyone but Kevin ran to the side.
"Not if I have anything to say about it, and I do!" Kevin replied. "Freeze frame!!"
Suddenly, as Kevin hit the button on his Glove, Wily's ship screeched to a halt, and Kevin walked up to the controls. "A little mid-course correction should do the trick." He backed away and hit the start button again.
Wily's ship flew out of control, crashing through some walls. Wily was screaming the whole time.

The warriors that Kid had sent swung Hippo and Eggy back as they stood before a Warp. "One, two, three!" They threw they pair into the Warp, the lackies yelling as they fell through.

"Pretty soon, I'll be ruler of all VideoLand. Then everyone will be kneeling before this beautiful brain."
Just then, Hippo and Eggy crashed out of a warp into Mother Brain, and Kevin and Lana appeared on the mirror.
"Say hello to your loyal subjects, Queen Mother Brain."
"Game over, Lame Brain. You lose."
Snarling at her henchmen, Mother Brain's tentacles crackled with electricity. "Idiots! You've ruined everything!"
Hippo and Eggplant ran as fast as they could, Mother Brain blasting them just as fast.


Copyright 1999 by Chris Blair