Tim's Adventures:

003: Training



      Tim yawned as he fired a bow and arrow at a moblin.

      Karen laughed as she watched from the control panel. "Getting bored again?"

      "Not enough diversity."

      "What about difficulty?"

      Tim fired another arrow at another moblin that was approaching him. "Could be harder."

      Karen smiled. "Kay." She pressed a few buttons and the moblin that Tim had shot at, as well as the arrow that was approaching him, disappeared.

      "Tim," she continued. "This is my own training program. I don't let others use it, normally."

      A sword appeared in Tim's hand just fast enough to stop the axe of the axe knight from splitting his head in two. "Nasty beginning!" Tim smiled and began to engage the axe knight, lurching at the creature with his sword while ducking to avoid the axe knight's next strike.

      Karen smiled again. "Look out behind you, Tim. One on one combat is too easy."

      Tim turned and bent his head back, barely avoiding the blade of an evilman.

      He thrust his sword into the evilman's chest, laughing slightly as he spun around, pulling his sword out as he did, and stabbed the axe knight.

      "Do I sense enjoyment?" Karen asked, not sure if she'd like to hear the answer.

      "Not really." Tim stood up and straightened the look on his face. "Evilman. I was laughing at the name."

      Karen nodded. "Now world and name for the other.

      "Well, evilman is from Final Fantasy. The axe knight was from Dragon Warrior."

      Karen smiled. "Very good, Tim!" She pressed a button. "Now more!"

      A half dozen grey imps appeared around Tim. He took a battle stance and began to battle the new enemies.


      As Tim dispatched the last of grey imps he smiled. "Are we done for today, then?"

      Karen nodded.

      He walked over to her. "Good. I was getting bored with your training me. Now, would you mind telling me a bit more of this League?"

      Karen smiled as they walked out, she closing the door behind them. "Not at all. Where do you want me to begin?"

      "How about at what Jenkins meant about there being even worse things out there than VonMarcus. What was he referring to?"

      Karen stopped and frowned. "I shouldn't be telling you this, Tim. Have you ever watched Captain N?"

      Tim shook his head, not seeing a connection. "I have not."

      Karen nodded. "Too bad, it might help. I'll put it like this: There are many other universes. Our world's video games are connections to universes that are just like the games. Captain N is kind of like that."

      Tim nodded. "Interesting. So there are intruders from alternate universes to Earth sometimes and those intruders are from the games I play at my arcade?"

      "That would be correct," responded Karen. "The Legend of Zelda, Marble Madness, Bubble Bobble, and all the other games. Even Pong has it's own universe!"

      Tim laughed at that thought. "A universe where Pong rules. I'd like to see that."

      He thought for a second more, and spoke again. "I'm wondering: Does Captain N's universe exist?"

      Karen shrugged. "I don't know, actually. Gamemaster Jenkins claims that once, when his transporter malfunctioned, he was sent to Captain N's universe of Videoland. He says that he Captain N, but he did not interfere at all. When he was able to fix his transporter and come back here he did, but the memory banks of the device were wiped when he arrived."

      Tim nodded.

      "Plus, even if it is a real alternate universe, it's not one of our video games. There are more than a few differences between their Simon Belmont, MegaMan, King Hippo, and many others and those of our video games. Their MegaMan is green!"

      Tim thought about that and shook his head. "Strange. You'll have to tell me when it's on."

      "But of course."

      They smiled at each other and began to walk down the hall again.


      As time passed, Tim's abilities began to match and eventually excel even that of those in the video games he played at the arcade. After two months of intense training with Karen he was called into Gamemaster Jenkin's office once again.

      "Yes, sir?" he asked as he walked into the office, wearing a uniform similar to Jenkin's in all ways but size.

      "Sit down," commanded Gamemaster Jenkins as he did the same in his large black chair.

      Tim nodded and sat in a somewhat uncomfortable wooden chair.

      "It has been two months since you came you defeated Dr. VonMarcus and were invited here." He smiled. "You've proven to be much better than most, as you have said that you would."

      Tim nodded.

      "As you've probably read, we train up to a certain level before one has been proven a Gamemaster and is given tasks. Normally this takes at least six months, commonly a year or more." Jenkins smiled again. "Congratulations, Tim: You're officially a Gamemaster!"

      Tim smiled. "Thank you, sir!"

      "Tim, the honor is mine. You have been forced to wear the uniform that you and I are both wearing to this point. Now, though, you will no longer have to do so with the exception of formal social occasions. Tim, I am proud to have you as a Gamemaster and I hope you will surpass the duties of the name."

      Tim nodded. "I believe I will not disappoint you, sir."

      Jenkins nodded. "I believe you shall not too." He stood up. Tim, follow me."

      Tim nodded again and followed Gamemaster Jenkins out of the room.

      As they walked down the hallways together Jenkins spoke again. "Tim, you are going to be assigned your first mission now. I hope you can accomplish it."

      He stopped in front of a door and opened it. He smiled as he motioned for Tim to go through the door. "I will wait out here. You will be explained what to do inside."