Tim's Adventures:

004: The First Mission



      Tim shrugged as the door closed behind him, leaving him in a room lined with items ranging from Captain N-like outfits to much more armor-like suits.

      He approached a video display that was in the middle of the room and looked at it. After reading the data on it he smiled. "So I can create my own outfit, eh?"

      "Affirmative," the computer responded.


      "That does not compute."

      "Never mind that. I want the following outfit..."


      Tim smiled as he put on the blue jeans jacket that complimented his white shirt and blue jeans. Putting his sunglasses in his front pocket, he smiled. "Now, computer, I was told I would be explained what to do in here. Are you the one that will do so?"

      "Negative," replied a female voice. "I will."

      Karen walked up to Tim from the now opened door, closing it as she entered.

      "Hey." Tim smiled.

      Karen nodded and began to speak. "Your first mission will involve going to Final Fantasy."

      Tim nodded. "And what do I do there?"

      "There is a group of pirates that has taken over part of Coneria. They are not a strong force by any means, but they are a good opponent for you to try yourself for real with."

      "Sounds good enough," he replied. "What do I have to fight with?"

      "Well, your clothes are a bit different for that time period, but they will be okay. You will require a sword. Computer, create sword, League standard."

      The computer hummed and soon a sword was produced out of a compartment on its side.

      Tim picked it up and waved it around, checking to see if it would be adequate. He smiled. "Works."

      Karen nodded. "It's not the most powerful sword, but it will do for today. Now, I suggest you and I go to the teleportation chamber. "

      Tim nodded. "Sounds good."

      The two Gamemasters walked out of the room and down the hallway to another room. Soon inside it, Tim looked at the circular pads that were in the center of the room. "Kinda StarTrekish."

      Karen laughed and nodded. "Just slightly." She walked over to a console. "Step onto the central pad, Tim, and prepare to enter Final Fantasy."

      Tim nodded and began walking. "Kay."

      "Wait," said Karen, picking up a small object.


      "Take this." Karen through the object to Tim. "Your teleporter. It's the only way we can bring you back. If you don't wear it we won't be able to control where you go when you teleport, nor where you come back to."

      Tim nodded. "Kay."

      Tim standing in the central pad, Karen began manipulating the panel before her. With a burst of light Tim suddenly disappeared.

      Karen smiled. "Good luck, Tim."


      Tim fell out of the red portal that brought him to Final Fantasy, landing on his feet but nearly falling over.

      "Well, that was fun." He looked around him. Ahead of him he saw a castle that rose into the sky and a city, both of white. "Coneria."

      He began to walk toward the destination.


      The trip to the castle was uneventful and soon Tim was at the entrance to Coneria. He smiled and grasped his sword with both hands. "Pirates! Come out and fight!"

      He looked around, as no one responded and he heard nothing but the wind and a few birds. "What is this?" he asked himself.

      He spun around quickly, having sensed movement to the left of him. He yelled. "Halt, you there!"

      The young boy fell to his feet, cowering. "Pl-please... don't hurt me!"

      Tim smiled. "Don't worry, I won't. Where are the pirates?"

      The little boy stood up and pointed toward the castle. "They're there. They took it over!"

      "Thanks, kid." Tim said, turning towards the castle. He smiled again and ran toward the castle and the pirates that were inside.

      As he neared the castle he began to run more slowly, eventually beginning to walk. He looked up at the castle again, smiling as he did so. "This will be fun."


      Meanwhile, inside the castle, the majority of the pirates were gathered in the throne room, preparing to listen to their leader.

      A man clad in black walked to the throne and cleared his throat. "My fellow pirates, we have taken not just the city of Coneria, the castle! This marks a great victory for all of us. Soon we will have conquered all of the world. Let the feast begin!"

      With the cheers of pirates, their swords thrusting into the air, the black clad man sat back down and sipped his wine. "None shall defeat me."


      Tim crept quietly through the hallways, his sword in his right hand. He heard something from around the corner and ducked behind a suit of armor. Soon the sound faded and he emerged from his hiding spot, continuing down the hallway and toward the throne room.

      As he turned the corner he heard a scream and took a battle stance. He looked around and, not seeing anyone, went back to a normal stance.

Suddenly he heard another scream, accompanied by a "Help me!"

      He began to run down the hall toward where he thought the scream was from.    "Never fear! Tim is here!"

      As he turned down a smaller hallway a group of pirates suddenly surrounded him. He smiled. "Pirates are fun to play with." He grasped his sword with both hands and leaped at a pirate, slashing him and causing him to fall to the ground.

      He jumped out of the circle of pirates that surrounded him and turned around. "Come on! Fight me!"

      He laughed as the pirates ran at him, he slashing each one and defeating them all without him receiving a single hit.

      "I win," he smiled as he ran down the hallway toward the where he thought the voice had been.


      The scream was heard again and Tim turned to the left, catching glimpse of a pirate pulling a beautiful woman into a chamber, closing the door behind him. "Damsels in distress: You can't have a good medieval video game without one."

      He ran down the hallway toward the door, laughing softly to himself. He quickly reached the door and opened it, seeing the damsel bound and gagged and two pirates near her.

      He smiled. "Only two?"

      The pirates turned and looked at him then at each other. They turned to him and drew their swords, running at him and preparing to fight.

      Tim smiled back and slid between them. He agilely leapt back to his feet and struck them both with his sword, causing them to fall to the ground, dead.

      He turned back to the maiden and walked over to her, untying and removing the gag around her mouth.

      "Thank you, kind sir. I am Princess Dadalia. My father will reward you handsomely for saving my life."

      Tim shrugged. "Nah. To know who's the leader of this band of pirates is all I want."

      Princess Dadalia looked at her savior strangely and spoke. "He goes by the name of Garland."

      Tim nodded. "Thank you," he said, untying the ropes that bound her. "Now where is the throne room, as I assume he is there."

      "The throne room is up the stairs right outside this room then inside the door nearest the top of them."

      Tim nodded again and ran out the door toward the stairs and his goal.

      "Wait!" yelled Dadalia. "Who are you?" She sighed, as there was no response, for Tim was already part way up the stairs.


      Tim let out a long breath as he reached the door to the throne room. Inside was Garland as well as the sounds of many pirates. He soon had rested enough and opened the door.

      As he opened the all the noise stopped and the pirates turned.

      The black clad man stood up. "Who dares interrupt Garland?"

      Tim stepped forward, into the room, and the pirates drew their swords. "I, Tim, dare."

      Garland motioned for the pirates to put back their weapons. As the pirates did his bidding he spoke again. "You, Tim, are not of here. That is quite obvious."

      Tim looked strangely at Garland. "You are correct."

      Garland smiled. "You are of the League."

      Tim cocked his head to the side. "I do not know what you mean."

      "Oh yes, you do." He smiled and removed the black cape that he was wearing, exposing a black scabbard. He then removed the black chain mail that he wore over his torso. As he did so Tim's eyes grew wide.

      "Yes, Tim, I also was once one of the League. But I got bored by their simple tasks and boring assignments and decided to play my own games." He smiled. "Yes, the black outfit that I wear is a bit reminisant of Captain N's, isn't it?"

      Tim shook his head, returning back to his task. "I am here to defeat your pirates but I would much rather challenge you to a dual. Whoever wins wins all."

      Garland scratched his chin, thinking about the offer. "I will agree. Pirates, to the sides!"

      The pirates backed up, giving Tim and Garland an area clear enough to fight freely in.

      Garland removed his long, black hilted sword with a blade of gold from its scabbard. "It's too bad that you had to be sent here, Tim." Garland laughed. "For now you will die!"

      Tim ran toward Garland as he ran toward him, their swords clashing. Swing after swing was dealt, each blocked by the other, until Garland spoke again.

       "You fight well, Tim! For that I will let you have this battle." He smiled and sheathed his sword, Tim stopping and backing up before sheathing his. "Maybe someday you will be like me: a Gamemaster that goes out and creates his own. Until then, Tim, goodbye." He pressed something on his wrist and suddenly disappeared.

      Tim looked at the pirates. "I win by your leader's own verdict. Now go or die, the choice is yours."

      The pirates, frightened by their leader's disappearance and Tim's fighting skills, quickly ran out of the room and soon the castle.


      As Tim prepared to contact Karen so that he could be teleported back to the League two people entered the room.

      The first smiled. "Father, this is the man I told you about!"

      The other, a slightly overweight man in royal robes and graying hair, nodded. "Thank you for saving my dearest daughter Dadalia, young man." He thought for a moment then continued. "If you do not wish a reward, as my daughter says, then at least tell us your name.

      Tim smiled and pressed a button on his teleporter. He smiled and replied to them. "My name is Tim. Now you must excuse me, as I must go. Karen, I'm done."

      As he disappeared into the air the king smiled. "Thank you, Tim."