Tim's Adventures:

009: Brains Vs. The Brain



      Tim found himself in a dimly lit corridor, blue rock lining the walls, floor, and ceiling. As his assessment of where he was began to conclude, he heard a weapon being fired and a scream soon after. He quickly began to run toward the sound.


      He fired a few Zapper shots as he was attacked by the creatures in the corridor, soon reaching the spot that he determined to be where the scream had been. On the floor he found a battle suit, which he assumed had Samus Aran inside of it.

      "Metroid, that settles it." He marked the coordinates in his teleporter and lifted up the wounded Samus Aran. He pushed chose a location on his teleporter and activated it, he and the bounty hunter disappearing.


      Darius looked at the wounded woman, her light red leotards and long green hair only increasing the beauty of her face. He frowned. "The Great Samus Aran."

      Tim nodded. "Yep. I think she was taken by surprise."

      Darius nodded back. "Probably."

      Tim walked up to the unconscious body and looked at her, a sad frown on his face.

      Suddenly she opened her eyes and, upon seeing the two unknown faces, began to struggle with the machines that help her down in hopes of getting away.

      "Samus Aran," smiled Tim, "I am happy to meet you."

      "Who are you?" she asked, a moan of pain soon coming to her.

      "My name is Tim. I rescued you back on Zebes."

      She nodded very slightly. "Thank you."

      "Don't mention it."

      "Will you do something for me?"

      "What? And yes."

      "Use my suit. I think it will fit you closely enough so that you won't have problems using it."

      "You want me to go back to Zebes and destroy the Metroids, I assume."

      She coughed. "Yeah. The place that I was attacked: It's close to where the Metroids are. Just go through the door, up the corridor to the top, and over as far as you can. You can get down at the final room. That place is where the Metroids are. Please stop them."

      She closed her eyes.

      "She's not..." asked Tim, not wanting to finish the sentence.

      Darius shook his head. "No, just resting."

      Tim nodded. "Okay then, I'll suit up and be ready to go."

      Darius shook his head. "Your heart is still too weak."

      Tim sighed. "I'll wait two days. I could use a bit of comfortable rest and I need to talk to you about what's happened since I was last here."

      "Tomorrow," Darius spoke. "You do look tired and I don't want you to shorten details due to fatigue."


      Tim woke up in a comfortable bed feeling fully rested. He slowly got out of it and put his jeans and jacket back on, as well the holster for his Zapper. He walked out from the room and toward the lab, where he assumed Darius was.

He assumption was correct and he soon began talking to his comrade.

      "Darius, my heart is not exactly at full functionality, but it is definitely well enough to take on Metroid, or at least will be by tomorrow."

Darius shook his head. "I don't think so. I'll let you go, but I want you to be careful with your heart. Don't overexert yourself. I can't guarantee, if your heart fails again, that I can repair it."

      Tim nodded. "I understand that."

      Darius nodded back. "Okay. Now, tell me what happened to you."

      "My teleporter did a random teleport and I ended up near my home. I went to my home and turned on the TV. A transmission said that Gamemaster Karen had found me. I turned around and saw her there. We talked for a while and, after I told her that I wasn't going back, I teleported away. I ended up spending the night in the jungles of Contra in a tree. I teleported back to the spot near my house and called Ralph. We met at a corner and walked to the arcade. There, Jenkins and Karen found us. Jenkins offered me to be left alone if I was willing to tell him of your location. I refused and Ralph and I escaped, once again returning to the point near my house. We went to his house and soon after I left, ending up on Metroid. There I found Samus and returned to here for your help."

      Darius nodded. "Quite a bit of teleportation in a short time."

      Tim nodded. "Yeah."


      Tim went to bed again later and woke up the next morning, even more refreshed than he had been the day before. He went to the lab as he had before and walked over to Samus's armor. He slowly began to put each piece on. It fit nearly perfectly on him. As he put on the helmet he smiled. "Time to go back to Metroid."

      Darius walked up behind him and began to speak. "So you're going to go this early?"

      Tim nodded. "Yes."

      Darius nodded back. "Good luck, then."

      Tim smiled from inside the helmet. "Thanks."

      Tim removed the gauntlet on his left arm and set it up to teleport to Metroid. With the push of a button he disappeared into the air.