Tim's Adventures:

011: The Talk



      Karen smiled slightly from the bed she rested in.  "Tell me about yourself."

      "I'm not good at that, but I'll try."

      She nodded and smiled more. "Thanks.

       "Okay, I began life with this hair color and lighter than normal skin tone. I'm not albino but there is some strange disorder with my pigment, causing my hair's grayness, my skin's near whiteness, and my very light eye color. My parents, as long as I knew them, never really worried about it and always stood up for me when I was harassed about it."

      "Go on," Karen said, wanting to hear more.

      "I never had many friends and, even before my parents disappeared, I rarely let them come over. I didn't like people seeing my house. It was my private place, especially my room. I used to read a lot in there."

      "Like what?"

      "Moby Dick, Animal Farm, The Catcher in The Rye, and many others. I read the classics. I even wrote some of my own stories. None were very good, but it was something I could do and not let anyone else see."

      "Mm hmm."

      "That's about all I have to say about myself."

      "Okay. Then tell me about Darius and this place and why you decided to leave the Gamemaster League."

      "Darius is a good person. He really left the League because of how he wants to world to eventually to know of the games' existences in alternate dimensions someday. Jenkins didn't like this and tried to stop him from leaving the League as that is forbidden in itself. Soon he had Gamemaster's hunting Darius. This place is Gamer, an alternate dimension that he programmed the game to. He's been here for a long time."

      "Is that true?" she asked, wondering about what he was telling her.

      Tim nodded. "And Captain N."

      "He programmed a Captain N video game? Do you mean that-"

      He nodded again. "Yep. Darius programmed the game to the alternate dimension of Captain N, to where Jenkins has gone."

      She smiled widely. "Amazing."

      He smiled back. "And the reason I left the league was because I did not agree with the thought of never informing the world of the games myself. I did not join Darius but I did leave the League."

      She nodded. "Kay. Thanks, Tim." She slowly closed her eyes and fell back asleep.

      Tim got up and left the room. He found Darius in the kitchen making himself some soup.

      "Darius, I need to get away from here."

      "Hmm?" Darius turned to face his comrade.

      "I need to leave this place for awhile. I need to go somewhere where I can have a challenge but also where I can not be disturbed."

      "You want to go to the world of my other game, don't you?"

      He nodded. "I'd like to, if you'd let me."

      "I will, but I warn you to be careful. I never finished the game. I had what I did program end with a "To Be Continued" screen."

      "What does that mean?"

      "The world may have changed drastically since I first programmed it. I can't be sure of what it will be like."

      "It'll be a challenge that I can enjoy, I'm sure."

      Darius nodded. "Come on. I need to have you use the teleporter inside a small area if you want to get out of here."

      The two went into a small room that was closer, in size, to that of a large closet. Darius took a cord out from his teleporter and attached it to Tim's. He pressed a button on his teleporter and a bar began to light up from one side, slowly going to the other.

      As it finished lighting up he removed the cord and put it back in his teleporter. "I suggest you mark this spot before you go."

      Tim nodded and added his coordinates to his teleporter's memory.

      "Enjoy yourself, my friend."

      Tim smiled and selected Captain N: Gamemaster from his newly enlarged list of worlds. "I will, my friend.

      With a brilliant flash of light Tim teleported away, carrying him off to the next game.