Tim's Adventures:

012: Welcome To Videoland



      The red portal above him closed as he fell out of it. The gray-haired, white and blue-clothed, pale-faced teenager hit the ground and took note of the parts of brain spread out around him and the condition of the destructing biomechanical creation around him.

      "Hmm, that was certainly a different entrance than normal." He looked around himself again.

      "Metroid... Mother Brain's chamber. Hmm. I guess I best stop this crazy thing." With that said the figure walked over to a console near him and looked over it slowly and calmly, eventually pressing a sequence of buttons and stopping the self-destruction sequence from continuing.

      "Samus Aran should have tried harder." He laughed slightly. "She could have saved herself with much less difficulty. Then again, jumping up a tube is hardly difficult."

      Again he laughed slightly.