Kevin Keene looked at the Warp Wagon sadly. It was beginning to rust from disuse and lack of repairs. She was still a proud vessel and still flight-worthy but she was hardly was she used to be. Kevin hopped into her and blew the dust of the steering wheel. He turned the key, still in the ignition, and let out a sigh of relief as the Warp Wagon began to hum. Kevin took out the newly printed map that had been sent to him. He activated the Warp Wagon’s bio-shield, which burst forth around the small space-fighter. He put on a gas mask to help protect him from the effects of the Post-War Plague in case the bio-shield failed and pushed another button, closing the door to the rest of the building where he had spent the last few years and opening the door to the outside world.

            Kevin’s eyes winced as the blinding light from outside hit his eyes. He slowly drove the Warp Wagon out of garage it had been kept it and flew slowly up through the permanently red dusty skies.

He looked down at the ground below him. It was barren of life, as he had expected, and the charred remains of buildings covered much of the landscape. He looked back up towards the red skies, glad that soon enough he would be leaving Videoland behind.


The map, which used stars for the most part, was somewhat difficult to read but Kevin was managing. He sighed and mumbled a phrase of memory from his childhood “Second star to the right…”

“…and straight on ‘til morning,” said a voice, finishing the sentence.

Kevin jumped back as he heard the words. “Who the?”

“Dragin again. I’ve uploaded a map to your vessel.”

A display on the Warp Wagon showed a map with a yellow line indicated the suggested path and a green spot indicated where Kevin presently was. “Thanks, I guess.”

“I suggest you hurry. I cannot wait forever. Dragin out.”

“Wait!” yelled Kevin, but it was too late. Dragin had already cut off his transmission.

“Alone again,” Kevin said to himself with a sigh.


The hours slowly passed, Kevin spending every moment thinking about who or what might be the source of the transmission.

Eventually Kevin reached a planet far beyond Videoland’s boundaries. Kevin marveled as he saw the wonderful shades of blue and green covering the surface and the clouds of white above it.

The voice suddenly came back. “Welcome, Captain N. Land your vehicle on the southern tip of the northern continent. I will meet you there. Dragin out.”

Kevin sighed and did as he was instructed. Within fifteen minutes of landing the Warp Wagon a figure dressed in white approached him.

He wore an NES on his back and a GameBoy on his belt; a Power Glove on his right hand and a Zapper in his left; as well as a Control Pad as a belt buckle to finish it all off. He began to speak. “Welcome Captain N, Kevin Keene. I am the person who contacted you as Dragin. I do hope you do not dislike my appearance as I guarantee it will not improve. I am the Gamer, Captain N, and I have an offer to make to you that I do not think you will wish to refuse.”