Four years passed. Kevin trained daily on perfecting his aim, increasing his agility, and improving his use of his Power Pad. When the day came when he was to leave to stop the Post-War Plague his hair had nearly reached the ground and his clothes were torn severely. The Gamer too had not had time for such luxuries as haircuts and new clothes and his state was similarly unkept.

            The two shook hands goodbye as Kevin started up the Warp Wagon.

            “Thank you for giving me a chance to do this.”

            “Just remember to tell this time’s Captain N of what is happening and all shall be well. You will succeed. Thank you, Captain N.”

            Kevin nodded and let go of the Gamer’s hand. He pressed down on the gas pedal and took off into the bright blue sky and towards the mechanical planetoid that would hold his past self.


            Kevin landed the Warp Wagon softly on the outer shell of Metroid. He fired a Zapper shot into the side of it and hopped through, landing in a hallway near the holding chamber. He walked softly and slowly down the hallway, listening for an enemy activity. As he reached the door that held himself behind it he hesitated. This is it, Captain N. This is your only way to stop the paradox and still be able to stop the Post-War Plague.

            Kevin opened the door. There was only one solitary individual behind the door, shackled to the wall. He walked up to himself and looked at the person before him.

            “Have they given you the shot?”

            “What?” said the badly beaten Game Master weakly.

            “Have you been given a shot since you have been captured?”

            “No… why?”

            “Then there is still time.”

            “What do you mean?” The captured Kevin looked at his fellow conversationalist and gasped. “You… you look like me!”

            “I am you, or rather I will be if you are given that shot that I have referred to.”

            “Do not let them give you that shot no matter what. I will return shortly.”

            “Wait!” yelled the shackled Game Master.

            Kevin stopped for a moment then began to run again. Soon he was in Mother Brain’s chamber.

            “Who is this?” asked Mother Brain to herself as she saw the long-haired warrior before her. “He looks like Captain Numbskull but that can not be. Who are you, warrior?”

            Kevin aimed his Zapper at Mother Brain’s jar. “I am Captain N: The Game Master. To protect the future from your plague I will destroy you!” The Zapper was fired and hit Mother Brain’s jar. A small crack appeared and slowly – then more quickly –began to grow. The jar shattered.

            “ARRRRRRRRH!” screamed Mother Brain as she was permeated by shards of glass. “You will not escape alive.” The tentacle slowly pressed a button. “Both you and Metroid will go down with me!”

            Kevin nodded and smiled and began to run back to the holding chamber. When he reached it he asked his past-self the question again. “Have you been given a shot?”

            “No, I haven’t. What happened?”

            Kevin unshackled his past-self and spoke again to him. “Take off your clothes. We must switch places.”

            Kevin pulled out his Zapper and pulled his hair tight. With one firing of his Zapper his hair was burnt off to the length it had been so many years ago. “Now!”

            The younger Kevin nodded and took off his clothes as Kevin did the same. Soon they had switched.

            Kevin shackled himself back to the wall. “Now beat me!”

            “But why?”

            “You need to if you want either of us to survive!”

            The young Game Master nodded and began to hit Kevin as hard as he could. After awhile Kevin smiled. “Good, you may stop.”

            The young Game Master did as he was told.

            “You and I,” said Kevin, “were once the same. But I was given a shot before escaping here and defeating Mother Brain. I now know that that shot contained a plague. That plague wiped out many video worlds. I was the only one that was immune.”

            Kevin handed his younger self a piece of paper.

            “Follow that from the Palace of Power. It is not very clear but it will lead you to where you must go. Do this on October 30, 1999 if you wish this universe to exist at all.”

            “Why is this? I’m confused”

            “I am from a future that no longer exists. You have to cause what happened in that future to happen in this one. Now go before you cannot escape!”

            The young Game Master nodded and ran out of the holding chamber. A short time later Dr. Wily came into the room. “Hmm. You look a little vun down, Mr. Game Master. Vould you like to have a shot?”

            Kevin smiled as he felt the needle enter his vein. As it’s contents were emptied into his blood stream he smiled. “Yes, Dr. Wily, I would.”

            Dr. Wily looked strangely at the Game Master before him. “Vhat?”

            “I would like a shot, Dr. Wily, for we are already dead.”

            Dr. Wily cocked his head to the right and eyed the Game Master. “I do not vunderstand you.”

            “Too late.”