Germ Wars

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Kevin returns from Kongoland with a strange rock. Simon starts twirling it like a basketball, and it gives off a bright flash. Kevin ends up with blue strips on his face, and he swallowed his gum. Dr. Right is called to the Palace, and he says that Kevin has been bitten by a video virus. Kevin falls asleep, and inside Kevin's body, his life force does battle with Viroid. Because Kevin isn't from Videoland, his body doesn't know how to fight off the video virus. Lana sends out a message to all of Videoland begging people to contact her if they can help. Lana decides, from a statement made by Simon, to fight the virus from inside Kevin's body. Dr. Right gives Lana a map of Kevin's body and a videocom to contact him. Kid Icarus uses his special shrinking arrow to make Lana, Simon, Mega Man, and himself small enough. They enter Kevin's body through his right ear, but miss the shortest route to his heart, which is where Viroid has established his stronghold. They end up in the stomach, and Simon lands in Kevin's gum! Meanwhile, Viroid has sent stomach acid into Kevin's stomach, so Lana and the others will be digested. Mega Man chews some of Kevin's gum and blows it big enough to lift them out of the stomach. Lana drops the videocom, however. Viroid, upset, has the Fat Cells attack. Meanwhile, Dr. Right receives a call from King Melvis of Faxanadu. There is a magic elixir that is said to cure all evil. It was stolen long ago by the dwarves. Duke and Gameboy go to Faxanadu to find it. Lana and the others give the Fat Cells a workout, and they run out of fat and leave. Viroid has the Germ Squad released. They capture the N Team and bring them to Viroid. They convince Viroid (and Kevin) that they've given up the rescue attempt, and only want to save themselves. Convinced, Viroid lets them go. Then, the N Team returns. Lana rescues Kevin's lifeforce, and the rest of them defeat the Germ Squad. Viroid fires at Lana, but she deflects the blast with Simon's mirror. Viroid is destroyed, but the effects of the shrinking arrow begin to wear off, so the N Team is forced to leave Kevin's body. Kevin assures them that they'll always be his Videoland family. Meanwhile, Gameboy and Duke find the elixir and bring it back to the Palace. Kevin sneezed the N Team out of his body, and they grow back to full size. Dr. Right hooks up the elixir to Gameboy and Kevin. They need to input Kevin's Magic Mantra in order to use the elixir, but no one knows it because they never had to use it before. Lana thinks she knows it and types in the word FAMILY. Kevin's life force is restored to full, and he wakes up. Everyone cheers. Kevin had no idea what's going on and thinks he had a weird dream. Then he sneezes out one of the feathers from Simon's fur coat and says: "At least, I think it was a dream!"