Captain N: Having A Ball:

      (Summarized by Webster S. Swenson)

      King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard go through a warp zone and eventually, after an unliked stop and realized that they were on the warp to oblivion, arrive in Hyrule.

It is midnight in Hyrule and, in the throne room, the two idiots arrive. King Hippo falls onto the ground and Eggplant Wizard onto him.
      King Hippo tries to find the paper with the spell to release the Triforce but is unable to. He tries to recite it from memory, but is unable to. He triggers the Triforce’s defense systems and they run off and back into the warp.

Link runs in, ready to do battle, right after Zelda turns off the alarm. She complains of the alarm’s ‘malfunctioning’ and tells Link to organize the sentries to guard the Triforce after turning off the alrm.

Mother Brain kicks out King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard.

The two idiots pack up their items and ponder over what they’ll do. Eggplant Wizard suggests joining the N-Team.

Returning from a trip to Kongoland, Simon reminices about the good old days and the parties and such that were revolved around them. Lana decides to organize a party and seeing two ‘minstrels’, hires them and prepares to have a party for that night.

Eggplant realizes that, since everyone, including Link and Zelda, will be at the party, they’ll be able to steal the Triforce for themselves.

Guests are soon arriving at the Palace of Power. Zelda and Lana greet as well do Link and Kevin. Lana makes Kevin dance with her and they do.

King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard arrive on Hyrule and pull off two pieces of the Triforce, the third flying, as Mother Brain arrives. As the Triforce is separated Zelda falls to the ground. King Hippo uses his part of the Triforce and punches Mother Brain out of the palace. Eggplant Wizard creates a rocket from a vegetable and they fly out of the building.

The heros arrive at the palace of Hyrule and Zelda cries as she sees what happened to the Triforce. She finds the Triforce of Wisdom and picks it up.

The rocket that King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard were in crashes in the desert. A huge creature appears and prepares to attack them but stops when it sees that they have part of the Triforce. It says that they are its masters and asks how it can help them. They tell them to take them to some place where there are ‘some chow’ and ‘some peachy babes’.

The heros are walking through the desert when they are attacked by skeletons and moblins. They fight the enemies and defeat them soon enough. They suddenly fall into a pit and are in a tunnel to the Island Palace. The Triforce of Wisdom says that the boundaries that bind Hyrule together and that that is why it is where the path is although it shouldn’t be.

Hyrule becomes increasingly strange, but the heroes eventually reach the place where Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo are staying. Peaches dance and King Hippo eats. They threaten the heroes with their Triforces and Kevin says that they win and that they can have the third part of the Triforce so that Hyrule and Zelda will be safe. Kevin throws it to them and, while he does so, they knock the other parts of the Triforce out of their hands. With the Triforces combined power Zelda is restored and the Triforce throws the two out of her kingdom.