Captain N: Quest For The Potion of Power:

      (Summarized by Webster S. Swenson)

      On Hyrule the sky turns dark and moblins march. Zelda calls the Palace of Power and Simon answers. After Simon makes an idiot of himself Zelda asks for Captain N, who walks in with Lana. Captain N and GameBoy go to Hyrule. Captain is excited because he gets to meet Link. Zelda and Link tell Captain N of the rumor that someone is trying to find a potion that will revive Gannon.

      Meanwhile, Mother Brain watches Captain N and the others as they talk.

      King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard are in a swamp when Mother Brain's image appears. She yells at them to find the Potion of Power and they run off to do so.

      Link, Zelda, and the others are in a town. There is no one on the street except for one person. She says she knows nothing and runs off. She runs into a moblin and screams. The others run to her and attack the moblins. The son of the woman runs toward her and is caught by a moblin. They trick it and defeat it, saving her child. In thanks the woman gives Kevin a map, who gives it to Link.

      While walking down a path they are attacked by a creature, but easily defeat it. Hippo and Eggy, who are following them, are nearly hit by a rock and Eggy turns it into a tomato, hitting them.

      The heros run through a dungeon, fighting enemies, and eventually go down an elevator. When the reach the bottom of it they find a glass container with a golden key and parchment inside of it. The room begins to shake as Link breaks it open and, out from the center of the room, Horsehead bursts forth. He asks who dares to steal his golden key and a battle begins.

      Link is knocked down and, as Horsehead raises his weapon, Kevin presses his control pad, saving Link. He remembers Horsehead's weak spot and fires his Zapper at a rock platform, defeating Horsehead.

      Zelda thanks Kevin, and Link is agitated by this.

      They read the parchment and figure out that the golden key is supposed to be used at the island palace.

      The heros reach a swamp and Link is somewhat panicy as he hears moas. They soon appear and a battle begins. They soon begin to run and fall into the secret tunnel that they had been looking for.

      King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard run from the moas as they had been still following the heros and take a raft instead. King Hippo capsizes the raft and they begin to swim.

      The heros try to decide which door to open. GameBoy misunderstands Kevin and opens a door, releasing a huge creature. From a destroyed statue they find a small bottle of magic. They continue on down a tunnel and reach a golden door, which they open with the golden key.

      They open the door and go down a path. They see the Potion of Power ahead of them, but are soon interupted by Iron Knuckle.

      Kevin fires his Zapper at Iron Knuckle and nothing happens. Eggplant Wizard and King Hippo steal the Potion of Power and say that they're going to revive Mother Brain.

      Kevin and Link double-team Iron Knuckle and knock him off his horse. Then all the heros except GameBoy fire at Iron Knuckle and defeat him. They chase after King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard. A bridge goes out and Captain N tells GameBoy to go to the Palace of Power and to get the rest of the N-Team

      Gannon requests the Potion of Power inside of the chamber. They give it to him and he grows to his large and powerful self. He causes the room to shake and rocks begin to fall. Link says that Gannon is too powerful to be hurt by his Zapper. Kevin gets an idea that the magic potion they found might reflect his magic and sprays it on Link's shield. Gannon fires his magic and it is reflected, defeating Gannon.

      Kevin comments about how cool the reflect magic is and Link promises that he'll get Kevin some for his next birthday. Everyone rejoices and the episode ends.