The Invasion of the Paper Pedalers

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Dr. Wily goes to Kongoland to extract sap from trees. He uses it to make special hypnotic ink. Whoever read anything printed with the ink would be turned into a zombie whenever the words "MOTHER BRAIN IS YOUR MASTER" appeared in the text, and would have to obey Mother Brain's every command. Dr. Wily began taking over everyone on News World. A week later, the paperboy, Julio, summons the N Team to investigate. At first they're skeptical, but when Julio's mom gets turned into a zombie and tries to kill Kevin, they believe the story. Mother Brain finds out the hypnotic ink will also let her control machines. The N Team finds King Hippo and the Eggplant Wizard at the Daily Sun. Kid Icarus shoots them with love arrows, and the two servants spill the beans on Mother Brain's plan: to take over Videoland using the ink. Eggy also tells them the antidote: the sap of another tree on Kongoland. It turns out Julio hasn't turned into a zombie because he can't read. He's been skipping school to earn extra money on his paper route, because his dad lost his job. Lana teaches Julio to read and tells him the plan on how to dezombify everyone. They're going to print the word "AWAKE" on the headline using the new ink. Gameboy finds the sap, the ink is made, and the papers are printed. Unfortunately, everyone except Kevin, Gameboy, and Julio get turned into zombies and chase them as they deliver the papers. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard are after them also. Kevin is surrounded, but Julio spells AWAKE on a huge sign. The N Team turns back to normal. Julio makes his final delivery for the day, dezombifying his mom. She invites the N Team in for dinner, and Julio's dad talks about his new job, then helps Julio catch up on his reading.