The Lost City of Kongoland

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

The Lost City of Kongoland rises after a thousand years. Along with it comes a treasure belonging to Konga, the leader of the Ancient Konkas, who had a magical power over plants. Meanwhile, at the Palace of Power, Lana fears she's not forceful enough to be Ruler of Videoland. Prince Plenty informs the N Team of the treasure, and Lana vows to destroy it. Mother Brain also learns of the treasure and plans to steal it after the N Team finds it. The treasure turns out to be Konga's hat, and when it falls on Lana's head, the Princess becomes possessed by Konga's spirit. She (he?) kidnaps Simon. Mother Brain tells the Eggplant Wizard to volunteer to join Konga in conquering Kongoland, so Mother Brain can get the hat later on. Donkey Kong helps the N Team fight Konga's forces. The N Team is about to be destroyed, when Lana, with encouragement from Kevin, takes off the hat. Donkey Kong destroys it, and the Lost City of Kongoland sinks again, this time forever. Lana doesn't remember what happened, but Kevin assures her that she was "forceful enough to last a lifetime".