The Trouble With Tetris

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

The N Team is playing a shooting game, while Mother Brain, King Hippo, and Eggplant Wizard watch on Metroid. The game ends, and they're about to go back to the Palace, when the Warp Wagon is pulled down to the world of Tetris by a powerful force. Mother Brain sends Hippo and Eggy to Tetris to find the source of that power, so she can get it for herself. It turns out that on Tetris, everything is square- and cubed-shaped. The N Team is greeted by Mayor Squaresly, who declares today "Her Royal Roundness Day". The people of Tetris love holidays! The mayor takes the N Team to CUBIES, "home of the best square meal in town", where they meet Lyle, Lana's clumsy older brother. The two siblings hadn't seen each other for two years. Lyle's been on Tetris all this time, and doesn't even know that his father is missing. He's a Keeper of the Sacred Square. The Sacred Square is the powerful force that pulled down the Warp Wagon. According to legend, the Square is so powerful that it build the entire world of Tetris. Lyle thinks he's a loser, however, and believes Lana feels the same way about him. The N Team tries to train Lyle as a fighter to boost his self-confidence. It starts to work. King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard have been trying, without success, to get Lyle's key so they can get to the Square. Lyle locks it in a safe in his apartment. He then informs Lana that he's going to take his rightful place as Ruler of Videoland. She doesn't say anything to his face, but he overhears her talking about how she doesn't think he's responsible enough to be a leader. When Hippo and Eggy steal the key, Lyle tries to stop them in order to prove himself, but they get away. The N Team, except for Gameboy, goes after them. Mother Brain gets the Square, but removing it will cause all of Tetris to fall apart. Lyle and Gameboy come to the rescue. Lyle spills a black substance over Mother Brain just as she's about to warp back to Metroid. Kevin kicks the Square away, which Lyle catches. Later on, Lana offers to let Lyle rule Videoland with her. Lyle declines, realizing that the people of Tetris need him, and he remains a Keeper of the Sacred Square.