Misadventures in Robin Hood Woods

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Coming home from Dragon's Den, Kevin, Kid Icarus, and Duke stop off on the medieval world of Nottingham to fill up the Warp Wagon. Kid Icarus goes into a weapons shop to buy a new string for his bow. Him, Kevin, and Duke prevent the Sheriff and Prince John from robbing the place, and defeat the Sheriff's soldiers, as well - with a little help from Robin Hood. Robin passes out the gold that was stolen to the poor. Kid Icarus is made fun of by Little John and Friar Tuck for looking like a fairy. Kid Icarus bets that he can outshoot them all, and intends to prove it at the Archery Tournament that afternoon. The winner gets a golden arrow, and Robin decides to enter as well. Meanwhile, Maid Marian, a prisoner of the Sheriff and Prince John, overhears them plotting to capture Robin at the tournament. They believe that even if he comes in disguise, whoever wins must be Robin. At the tournament, Prince John sits on the throne, disguised as Maid Marian. Kid Icarus and the Sheriff are the final two contestants. Kid Icarus hits the bulls-eye, but the Sheriff steals his buzzsaw arrow, gets a bullseye, splitting Kid Icarus' arrow in half, and wins the tournament. When Robin goes up to "Maid Marian" and asks for the prize and a kiss, Prince John reveals himself and has his guards seize Robin. Kevin jumps to his rescue, but the Sheriff points out Maid Marian, standing on the balcony of the tower where she's being held, and demands that everyone at the tournament surrenders to him. Robin offers himself in exchange for Marian. Marian cries out in protest and falls off the balcony. Kid Icarus grabs the golden arrow and shoots Maid Marian. The arrow forms a bubble around her, and she floats safely down into Robin's arms, much to the Sheriff's annoyance. Later on, Kid Icarus is officially inducted into the Merry Men, and becomes known as Archer Icarus.