Pursuit of the Magic Hoop

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Kevin, Lana, and Duke are on the wacky world of Hoopland on Hoop-De-Doo-Dah Day, when the magic hoop comes out of Hoop Mountain, and anyone that sinks a basketball through it will be granted one wish. Kevin says after he'll wish Lana's father home for her. Lana has been practicing to take a shot herself, but she accidentally hits Duke with her basketball, who gets dizzy! Kevin is surprised and excited when Larry Bird shows up for the contest. There is a boy named Hoopless that is short, so he can't play basketball, like everyone else, but he's a brilliant scientist who invented everything on Hoopland. He activates his new robot, Rebound, in his laboratory. Rebound is trying to make a shot, but he jumps too high and hits his head on the ceiling. His eyes turn from yellow to red, and he becomes evil. Hoopless corrects it, and then he and Rebound go outside. Hoopless wants Rebound to jump, sink the ball in the magic hoop, and then wish him tall like everyone else. Larry, Kevin, and Lana are about to throw their basketballs in the hoop, but Rebound beats them to it. The robot messes up the wish, however, and wished himself tall! He grows taller than a building, and his head hits a girder, turning him evil again. Hoopless begs Kevin to stop Rebound. Kevin wants to shoot Rebound, but Hoopless begs him not to. In order to stop Rebound, Kevin and the others go to Hoop Mountain to find the magic hoop and make another wish. First they have to sink a basketball into a hoop on the other side of a canyon that's forty feet across. Kevin throws his ball, which is about to fall into the canyon, but Larry throws his ball, which hits Kevin's and pushes the Game Master's ball up and through the hoop. A warp bridge opens, and they end up inside Hoop Mountain. Clockman, the guardian of the magic hoop, throws different challenges at them that they have to beat if they wanna get to the magic hoop. First they have to sink a basketball through a hoop while avoiding hoop-shooting bats that multiply when shot. Larry finally sinks Lana's basketball through the hoop. Their next challenge is to face the Hole Thing, a creature that shoots holes, and sink the ball again. Duke, who sniffs a hole, accidentally falls in. Hoopless also falls in, too, but Kevin saves him. Once again, Larry scores. Kevin promises Duke he'll come back for him. Next they have to pick one of two hoops that are offered. One leads to the magic hoop. Kevin suggests tossing a coin to decide, but Larry tries the hoop on the right. A bubble forms around him, trapping him inside. Kevin and the others use the hoop on the left and go to the magic hoop. Kevin throws the ball, but a shield forms around the magic hoop, and the ball bounces off and back at them. Kevin runs up to the hoop and gets trapped inside the shield. Lana takes a shot and sinks the ball through the hoop. Clockman begins to cry because he always wins. Kevin is freed, and Larry and Duke come through a warp and join them. Kevin hugs Lana and lifts her up. He says if Lana wishes her father back home, he'll understand. But Lana says she wouldn't, and neither would her father. She wishes Rebound back to normal. Hoopless apologizes for causing so much trouble, but Larry says it's the people of Hoopland who should apologize to Hoopless for taking him for granted. Hoopless and Rebound hug, and Kevin and Lana smile, thinking it's adorable.