Return To Castlevania

Summary Courtesy of The Unofficial Captain N Homepage

Kevin and Simon go to Castlevania to attend The Simon Belmont Awards, where Simon is going to be honored for being a hero like his great-grandfather, Trevor Belmont. The Poltergeist King appears on stage, where Simon expects to be presented with the weapons his ancestor made famous. Instead, the King calls Trevor a coward, and accuses him of stealing the credit after the King defeated the Count. He curses the Belmont family with a thousand years of shame. He then disappears, taking the weapons with him. The audience begins booing Simon and throwing food at him. Simon escapes by running into a warp. It turns out that the Count was impersonating the King. With Simon no longer considered a hero, the Count could easily take over Castlevania. Igor, a small winged creature sitting on top of the King's staff, warns the Count that the real Poltergeist King was escaping from the tower where he was being held captive. He was climbing down a bedsheet. The Count flies up and uses the King's magic staff to set the "rope" on fire. The King climbs back up to the window he came out of. Alucard, the Count's son, comes by on his bat-shaped skateboard to show his dad a new trick. The Count is mad at Alucard, because he was supposed to be watching the King. He tells his son to get out of his castle. After looking for Simon in every dungeon in town, Kevin finds Simon in the graveyard on the other side of Castlevania. Simon was at Trevor's grave. It's the only place he dared show his face. He sits on another grave and awakens an old wizard from his sleep, who at first mistakes Simon for Trevor. He says a braver man never lived, and that he helped Trevor defeat the Count 100 years ago. Kevin says they have to find the Poltergeist King and hear the whole story. The old wizard accidentally casts the wrong spell and brings a Skull Knight to life! Simon is too upset to notice it, however. Kevin zaps it, and one of the horns bonks the wizard on the head, causing him to remember a spell. He freezes the Skull Knight, which crumbles. Simon then turns around to see what's going on. The Count is watching all of this using a ring. When Simon, Kevin, and the old wizard warp into the Poltergeist King's cave, the "King" is outraged at Simon's presence. Kevin fires at a spike, and water comes gushing out. The Count then turns back into his true form. He sends spikes down from the ceiling, his "Belmont Bashers", to crush them, and then leaves. The old wizard again chants the wrong spell, warping himself out of there. Then Alucard comes by, destroys the spikes, introduces himself, and insists that he's on their side. The Count is hiding, hearing all of this, and can't believes his own son's a traitor. When Simon, Alucard, and Kevin warp into the Count's room, the Count warps there as well. During the battle, Alucard helps his dad. Simon knocks the magic staff out of the Count's hand. The Count goes to get it, while Alucard holds Kevin and Simon off. Simon swings towards the Count using his whip, and knocks him away before he can get the staff. Kevin takes care of Alucard. Later, at The Simon Belmont Awards, the audience is falling asleep (the Poltergeist King is already asleep) from Simon's long, boring speech as he accepts Trevor's weapons. The old wizard casts a spell, tying Simon up with bandages like a mummy so he can't talk. Kevin and the audience crack up laughing.