"Welcome To Videoland" from Captain N #1

Novelized by Webster Swenson


            Here, Kid Icarus flies against the forces of the underworld!

            Here, space hunter Samus Aran battles the hordes of Metroid.

            Here, Little Mac punches out his opponents on his way to the title!

            And here, the beautiful Princess Lana rules the Palace of Power in the absence of her father, good King Charles.

            Once, there was a balance to all things in Videoland. For each world there was a hero, and for each hero, an arch-villain. Mother Brain changed all that, by uniting the forces of evil on all worlds to form a single deadly alliance that nothing could stop! On that day, the League of Darkness was born.

            Mother Brain had tipped the balance of power. A champion was needed to unite the forces of light! The Ultimate Warp Zone found him…

…in Northridge, California.

Kevin Keene – the hottest Nintendo Power Player on the face of the Earth!

He was playing video games when it happened. Super Mario Brothers, in fact. But, suddenly something happened to the screen and it began to pull him in! With his dog following, he disappeared from Earth.

Kevin alone had the knowledge of the video game world needed to defeat Mother Brain. Kevin would no longer be just another high school kid. He was now Captain N: The Game Master!

Upon reaching this strange new universe Kevin was greeted by Lana, his new princess and fellow member of the N Team.

“Welcome to Videoland, Kevin,” she said, “where the games are real and the fate of the Universe is in your hands.”

So, as it said: Now You’re Playing With Power!