Alliance Pictures Presents

An RF Production

A Christopher Blair Film

Christopher Blair

Matthew Swinford

Eric Carlson

Melanie Mitchell

David Masters

Executive Producer
Kelly Lea Harris

Assistant Producer
Chris Sawyer

Costume Designer
Matthew Stevens

Visual Effects
Digital Anvil

Music By
Christopher Blair

Director of Photography
Brandon Erwin

Film Editor
Timothy Kirby

Based on
Captain N: The Game Master

Screenplay by
Christopher Blair

Michael Miller

Directed by
Christopher Blair

Earth. Our reality is one in which mutiple universes are seen as fantasy. One such fantasy was Captain N:The Game Master. It is the year 1998, and Captain N is being restarted by fans. Two examples are Mark Moore, the owner of the Unoffical Captain N Home Page, and Chris Blair, owner of Game World, a site devoted to bringing back the 1989 movie, "The Game Master".
But what happens when realities collide? Someone is bound to take advantage of the villains in one universe to rule the planet on which he lives. That person became known only as the Commandant, and for almost a year, he has ruled Earth with an iron fist. When Earth first fell throught the dimensional rip, almost 9/10 of the planet's population lost their memories of life in our universe. The rest were erased by the Commandant and Mother Brain, done so that no one would know that they belonged in another realm.
The tale begins in the tenth month of the Commandant's rule. He has only recently heard that there is a prophecy of his downfall, and where it is rumored to be located.

Earth, 1999

Chris Blair, sixteen years old, and an avid game player, plugged his N64 into an outlet and inserted Zelda 64. He started the game, ignoring a strange code that quickly ran across the screen everytime he turned that game on. He knew that the Commandant was searching for some kind of message that was supposed to be stored in a game or such, but felt that it couldn't possibly involve him. After all, he was just a teenage Terran, who, like the rest of Earth's remaining population, had no defined memories of their lives before the Commandant took over.
Yet, in his dreams, he would see things, and people, that he didn't know. It was as if he had once been someone else, with memories long past.
He considered himself lucky that he was on Earth. The rest of VideoLand had not been so lucky. Mother Brain ruled the universe, aided by the Commandant in exchange for the rule of Earth. Most of VideoLand was in ruin, the central world itself, and the Palace of Power, deemed forbidden to be even studied from a distance.
No one knew why, but some people, including Chris, suspected that it had to do with Captain N, whom had not been seen since Mother Brain had taken over. Captain N, after all, had been the one who defeated Mother Brain in 1990. But this, Chris only knew from history books and word of mouth.
Chris started his game, and chose the most advanced file, which was near the end of the game. As he started, several of the Commandant's soldiers walked by, and noticed the strange code that flashed every few minutes.
"Hey, Marks, look at that." One of them said to the other, and they walked up to the door of Chris' house. His guardian, Melissa Collins, who had taken care of Chris since the beginning of the Commandant's rule when his parents died, opened the door, and was shocked.
"Um, what seems to be the prob...."
The head soldier pushed her out of the way and walked into the room where Chris was playing his game. Chris looked up, and almost screamed. The soldier merely pushed the boy out of the way, and looked at the screen, seeing the same code flash by again.
"Get an analyst. I want this code checked."

Chris couldn't believe what was happening. An entire analyzing team had scanned the code that kept appearing, and had finally made a printout of what it was. A full page of text, and Chris managed to read it as the soldiers and analysts talked with each other, and asked Melissa questions. What he saw, in a way, horrified him.

"In the year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Eight, A world known as Terra shall be brought into VideoLand from another realm, and a man of dark heart shall take control of this world with the aid of VideoLand's evil. He shall control the weapons and forces of Terra, and aid Darkness in conquering VideoLand.
"In the Tenth month of his rule, a threat to his power shall arise. A child who will regain his past, and become the greatest hero in both realms. With a Glove of Power, and a mighty team, the Hero will restore peace, and return Terra to it's rightful place.
"He is Captain N, The Game Master. "

Chris couldn't believe it. "Oh god, no, please no..." He ran off, the paper in his hands, and the soldiers gave chase. Chris ran into the city's bustling plaza, and managed to escape the soldiers, but not the eyes of one tall individual. He grabbed Chris, and covered his mouth, dragging him into an alley.
"Me amigo, if you wish to escape from the Commandant, be quiet and follow me."
Chris looked at the person. "Who are you?"
"I am Carlmaximus, a resident of Mount Icarus," the man replied.
Chris suddenly felt something form in his mind, an image, like in his dreams. "Carlson!"
"You are?"
Chris shook his head, and sighed. "Chris Blair. You don't look Icarian."
"That is because I am human, like you. Come with me, and wear this cloak. The soldiers are bound to be looking for you now." Carlmaximus held out a shabby cloak, and Chris covered his face in it. They walked through the city and arrive at the Warp transits.
"Hold it. State your name, home world, and destination."
"I am Carlmaximus, I'm from Mount Icarus, and that is our destination."
The guard pointed at Chris. "Him."
Carlmaximus shook his head. "He is a leper, and is mute. I don't think you want him to lift that hood of his." As if on cue, Chris started coughing sickly, and the guard let them pass. Carlmaximus lead Chris to the Mount Icarus warp, and they left Earth.

The Commandant was not please by what had happened. "So, you found the Prophecy, and you let the owner of the game get away?"
"We're sorry Commandant, but we lost him in the plaza of the city."
The man sighed. "No matter, we still know the legend, and it will be false. What did the Prophecy say, anyway?"
The soldier handed the Commandant a printout, and the man read the paper. "'In the year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Eight, A world known as Terra shall be brought into VideoLand from another realm, and a man of dark heart shall take control of this world with the aid of VideoLand's evil. He shall control the weapons and forces of Terra, and aid Darkness in conquering VideoLand.
"'In the Tenth month of his rule, a threat to his power shall arise. A child who will regain his past, and become the greatest hero in both realms. With a Glove of Power, and a mighty team, the Hero will restore peace, and return Terra to it's rightful place.
"'He is Captain N, The Game Master.'"
The Commandant snarled as he crumbled the paper. "That boy knows something. No one on this planet, but me, is supposed to remember life before my rule!!" He turned to the soldiers, and growled. "Find that boy, or find your peace with your maker."
"Yes Commandant!!"

Chris looked around as he and Carlmaximus exited the warp, and they made their way through the crowds. "I know someone who can help you, he is a supporter of the Underground. Come."
Chris followed Carlmaximus to a large building, and saw several people gathered at a large throne. Carlmaximus smiled. "Swinfordicus!"
Chris suddenly felt the same feeling he did early, this time, it was more defined than the last. "Swinford, take a look at this...."
The people moved out of the way, and Chris saw a man in total black, wearing a pair of blue lens sunglasses, sitting on the throne. "Who calls the great Swinfordicus?!"
"It is I, Fresno Bob!"
Swinfordicus smiled, and got down from the throne, walking to meet the arrivals. "Carlmaximus, my man. What news do you bring me?"
Carlmaximus sighed. "This person is in need of help. The Commandant is after his ass because some weird message was found in his Zelda 64 game."
Swinfordicus looked at Chris with an amused look. "So, how can I help you, my good man?"
Chris sighed, and he handed Swinfordicus the printout of the Prophecy. "Read this, and you'll understand."
Swinfordicus read the paper, and stared at Chris. "This was in your game?" Chris nodded, and Swinfordicus smiled. "Dude, this is it! Carlmaximus, we must hurry and show this to his Nship. And bring the kid!"
Chris looked at Swinfordicus as Carlmaximus dragged him along. "Who you calling kid?!"
Swinfordicus smiled at Chris. "Sorry my man, but when you live on a world where almost everyone else is half your size, it becomes a habit. I didn't catch your name."
"Chris Blair, but where are we going?"
Carlmaximus smiled. "To see his Mastership, the Great N."
"N? You mean... HIM?!!"
Swinfordicus nodded as he lead them to a warp. "Exactamundo, my good friend. Take off that cloak, it's stinking the place up."
Chris did so, and Carlmaximus stared at his right arm. There, strapped on Chris' arm, was a Nintendo Power Glove. "Dude, where did you get that baby?"
Chris looked at the device. "Been there as far back as I can remember. I always wear it."
Swinfordicus looked at the Glove, and whistled. "Dude, this is too good." He activated the warp, and smiled. "Everyone in."

Deep in Metroid, Mother Brain was just hearing about this new Prophecy, and doesn't like it. "Damnit!! This is definitly not good!!"
The Commandant nodded and looked at another screen. "If this legend is true, then who ever this, new Captain N is, will be able to restore Earth's memories."
Mother Brain nodded, and a new concern was made. "What if this brat goes to the Palace of Power?"
"Don't worry. No one would even dare to try that," the Commandant replied, and he turned off the screen. "Double the patrols around the central world."

The trio exited the warp, and Chris was shocked by the site. The Palace of Power was only half there; part of the once beautiful structure had been blasted apart when Mother Brain took over. "My god."
"A god had nothing to do with this." Carlmaximus remarked, and Swinfordicus led them into the Palace. "N man! You here?!"
Chris looked around, and froze as a Zapper swung out and leveled off at his head. "Who are you?"
Swinfordicus ran over to Chris and pushed the Zapper away. "My man, he's with us. Just calm down."
The man lowered his weapon, and sighed. "Sorry Swinfordicus. Just that most visitors aren't very friendly."
Chris looked at the man, and gasped. "You're him, aren't you? You're Captain N."
The man smiled, and looked away. "I was, at one time. That was before that bastard the Commandant freed Mother Brain, and help her conquer VideoLand. They killed Simon, Kid Icarus, and Lana. Then they destroyed the Palace. I got lucky."
"You were close to her. Princess Lana that is," Chris remarked, and Captain N nodded. "Very close. When she died...."
Chris sighed. "Sorry I mentioned it."
Swinfordicus nodded. "Mother Brain screwed up a lot of lives, including Dr. Light's. The guy almost lost it after MegaMan, ProtoMan, and MegaGirl were destroyed. Spent his last days building MegaMan X. Wily lost everything he had, and spent the end of his life building some new bot, programmed it to help Dr. Light."
Carlmaximus shook his head. "The best part is, X turned out to be the dope, bomb-ass, mother fucking, hellified shit. Kicked some major ass before going underground, along with Zero."
Captain N sighed. "The entire N-Team died, except for me. GameBoy was destroyed, and King Charles, is still in the Mirror World. I keep trying to figure out why I was left alive. Not even Link and Zelda are alive. Mother Brain and Gannon made sure of that."
Chris looked at the Glove on his arm, and thought. "Your Power Pad and Zapper, how did they get turned into weapons?"
Captain N smiled. "The Ultimate Warp Zone changed them, so I would have something to use. Why?"
Chris raised his arm, and showed the man his Power Glove. "Would a trans-dimensional warp do the same thing to this?"
Captain N looked at the Glove, and smiled. "Aim it at that wall, and squeeze your hand into a fist." Chris aimed the Glove, squeezed his fist, and a twin laser blast shot out, two blazing white beams hitting a wall.
Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus were stunned, Chris was amazed. Captain N just smiled. Chris then remembered why they were there. "I almost forgot. This is why the Commandant is after me." He pulled out the printout and handed it to Captain N.
The man read the paper, and was amazed. "A Glove of Power," he said, glancing at the Power Glove on Chris' arm. "Regain his past. He is Captain N, The Game Master." Captain N couldn't believe it. "A new Captain N."
"Captain, what does it mean?"
"Call me Kevin. I'm not Captain N anymore." Kevin replied. "And what it means, is that there's going to be a new Captain N, a new Game Master."
Swinfordicus smiled. "Dude, Blair. A Glove of Power." Chris got the idea, and nodded. "A Power Glove. Regaining his past.... Those dreams! They have something to do with the past, before the Commandant took over Earth!"
Kevin sighed as he looked at a giant golden fist that sat on a pedestal. "You're missing something though. A mighty team."
Carlmaximus nodded. "Of course, you realize who would be the perfect team."
Swinfordicus nodded his head rapidly. "Dude, I like your thinking. MegaMan X and Zero."
Chris smiled at the two. "And you, being a person with connections to the Underground."
Kevin smiled at the three. "Chris, come with me." He lead Chris to a room, and opened a chest. "I never thought that I would ever pull this out again, but you'll need it." Kevin pulled out a red and white jacket that had a yellow N stitched on the left side. It had some dust on it, but Kevin got it off with a quick slap. "Here."
Chris shook his head, not willing to take what was considered part of the Captain N myth. Kevin sighed and shoved it into Chris' arms. "Take it, it's yours now. After all, you're the new Captain N."
Chris looked at the jacket, and smiled. "Me, Captain N? Dude, this is too much." He looked back at his companions, and smiled. "Hell yeah." He put the jacket on, and it seemed to mold itself to fit him.
Kevin looked back and activated a computer. "There's someone else who might be able to help you. Princess Alisa, she lives on Final Fantasy. Expert fighter, for a princess that is."
Chris nodded, and turned to Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus. "You guys need weapons. Swinfordicus, find a Super Scope, or a Menacer. Carlmaximus, get a couple Sega Light Guns."
The two nodded, and they searched through the Palace's armory, finding their new weapons. Swinfordicus had grabbed a Super Scope and a SNES Power Pad. Carlmaximus was wearing a power belt with two Light Guns connected to it, a holster on each side.
Carlmaximus smiled. "I pity the fool I go Lara Croft on."
Swinfordicus nodded rapidly. "Dude, I pity the fool who gets in the way of you while you're going Lara Croft on someone."
Chris looked at them, and frowned. "Swinfordicus, get X and Zero, we need their help. Carlmaximus, you come with me. We're going to pay the Count a little visit."
Carlmaximus smiled widely. "I like the sound of that." He drew his Light Guns and twirled them around. "Look out assholes! Here come Fresno Bob!!"

Deep in CastleVania, the Count was recieving the news of the Prophecy. "Do not worry, Commandant. No mere mortal shall battle my armies and win."
"Good, because I've got a stake with your name on it if this new Captain N does."
The Count gulped at this, and nodded. "Don't worry about a thing."
A zombie ran over to the Count as the vampire shut off the screen. "Count, there is someone here to see you, says it's business."
The Count nodded, and told the zombie to let the visitors in. Two cloaked humans walked up to the Count, and the vampire smiled. "What can I do for you gentlemen?"
One of them looked at the Count's pale white face. "First of all, if you value your life, I suggest that you make a run for it."
This amused the Count. "Whatever for?"
The taller man nodded, and smiled. "In that case, feel the wrath of Fresno Bob!!" The man pulled out twin Light Guns, and started firing on the Count's servents. "I turn you into Lara Croft shooting gallery!!"
The Count, having transformed into mist, evaded the shots, and came face to face with the other visitor. "Don't even think about it."
The smaller person pulled back his hood, revealing himself to be none other than Chris Blair, Captain N!
Chris smiled at the Count. "You're the Devil, aren't you?"
The Count snorted. "I'm no devil."
"Oh come on. You're the devil."
The Count's eyes lit up, and he threw back his cloak. "You messed with the wrong vampire, boy!"
Chris took a stance, readying himself for battle. "And you just messed with Captain N!"
The Count snarled, and flashed his sharp fangs. "I GIVE YOU VAMPIRIC NECK BITIE!!!!"
Chris aimed his Glove and fired. "Hell no!!!" The blast struck the Count, and the vampire collapsed to the ground. "Like I said, you just messed with Captain N."
The Count looked up at Chris, then dropped, dead and lifeless. Carlmaximus looked at the dissolving pile of flesh, and smiled. "Whoa. You really get into this job."
Chris nodded as he looked around. "Visit exotic lands, meet strange new people, and blow the hell out of the natives. God I love this job!" He swiftly fired a blast, incinerating a zombie. "Let's go, we've got more ass to fry."
"This is my kind of Captain N." Carlmaximus remarked as they left CastleVania.

Swinfordicus, on the other hand, was not have such trouble. He had already met up with the leader of the Underground section in which MegaMan X and Zero hid out in. "Yo, X! Zero!"
X looked up and smiled. "Swinfordicus. Good to see you man."
Zero nodded as he put down a kind of palm top computer. "Swinfordicus, been too long."
Swinfordicus had a huge grin on his face. "Swins, what's with you?" X asked.
"Dude, how would you like to get in on the Commandant's downfall and asskicking?"
Zero smiled, and X nodded. "Hell yeah. What's the plan?"
Swinfordicus showed them the printout, and Zero looked at the human. "A new Captain N? Dude, are you serious?"
Swinfordicus nodded. "Carlmaximus is with the guy right now in CastleVania, beating the shit out of the Count. Dudes, we are on a roll!"
X and Zero grinned. "We're in. Any chance to kick the Commandant's ass is a good one."

Chris and Carlmaximus arrived back at the Palace just as Swinfordicus, X and Zero did. "Dudes, how did it go?"
Carlmaximus gave a sadistic grin. "The Count is dead, and the kid is one hell of a Captain N."
Chris smiled as Swinfordicus grinned. "Chris, my man. This is MegaMan X and Zero. Guys, this is Chris Blair, Captain N."
X smiled at the teenager. "I can see that the powers that be made a good choice."
Zero looked at Swinfordicus. "Swins, what about Keene, the old Captain N?"
"Still at the Palace." Carlmaximus replied. "He's waiting for us here. Chris was about to head to Final Fantasy and find Princess Alisa."
X looked at Chris, and smiled. "Ah, so Keene told you about Miss Jugsy."
Swinfordicus smiled. "Jugsy, that's the, uh, nickname people have for Alisa. I don't need to explain, you'll figure it out when you meet her."
Chris nodded. "Ah. Let's go."
Carlmaximus shook his head. "Who said anything about we? I said that you are going to Final Fantasy and get the Princess to join, not we are going."
Chris looked at the others. "Why just me?"
Swinforicus smiled at Carlmaximus. "Trust me dude, you want to go alone."
Chris shrugged and walked out of the chamber and into the Final Fantasy Warp.
Kevin sighed as he walked out to join the others. "I hope this doesn't blow up in our faces."
Swinfordicus nodded. "If the Prophecy says he's Captain N, then he's Captain N."

Chris exited the Warp and saw towns on fire, smoke filling the air. "Damn, what happened?" He then felt something in his mind. "Come on, got to beat Astros."
"Astros." He procceeded into the village and saw several monsters destroying the town. "Hey! Back off!"
One of the creatures turned to face Chris, and snarled. "Kill him."
Chris quickly entered a program into his Glove, hit the A button, and went soaring over the monsters' heads. "Nice try." He aimed the Glove, and fired, vaporizing the monsters. "That was too easy."
Chris continued into the village, and saw people racing out of the town. He grabbed a man by the shoulder. "Where can I find Princess Alisa?"
"Alisa? Astros has her. Now out of my way!"
Chris shrugged, and headed for the castle nearby. "Astros." He ran up to the gates, blasting any monsters that stood in his way.
Finally, he reached the throne room, and literally kick down the doors. "Where's Alisa!"
A evil looking man smiled at him. "And who want's to know?"
"Captain N."
This got the man's attention. "Captain N?! Impossible!! Captain N is dead!"
Chris smiled at the man. "I'm the new Captain N, or haven't you heard? There's a new N in town."
The man snarled, and suddenly transformed into a demonistic creature. "You just crossed paths with the mighty Astros!!!"
Chris took up a stance, and fired at Astros, burning the demon's skin. Astros screamed in pain, and returned the blast, Chris dodging it with a press of the crosspad on his Glove.
"Now, about Alisa!" Chris yelled, only to dodge another blast. He took aim at Astros' head, and fired, striking the demon right between the eyes.
"AAAHHHH!!!!!" Astros collapsed to his knees, and his body blasted apart. Chris looked behind the throne, and found a trap door. "Guess who's underneath." He lifted the door, and saw a teenage girl, about his age, look up at him.
Chris couldn't help but stare at her. Oh man! I'm glad the others didn't come! She's hotter than lava! He reached down to help her out, but the girl pushed his hand away and climbed out on her own.
"You're welcome," Chris commented sacastically, and the girl looked at him again. "Who are you?"
"Captain N," Chris replied, knowing that the girl wouldn't believe him.
"You look older in the pictures, and different," dhe replied. "I'm Alisa."
Chris looked her over, figuring out why people gave her the nickname X had mentioned earlier. "Man, he wasn't kidding."
"Who wasn't kidding?" Alisa snapped. Chris smiled. "MegaMan X. He told me that people call you Miss Jugsy."
Alisa groaned at the name. "Yeah, and I know why too. So what, you think they're too big?"
Chris shook his head. "No, I mean, they're perfect...I mean..." Nice going kid, Great first impression.
Alisa smiled at him, seeing his face turn red with embarrassment. "You're different. Most teenage guys I've met would try to get me right then and there, like they get anywhere. You, you've got a kind of, I don't know, innocence. You're not, like the others, I like that."
Chris turned away, trying to hide his blushing. Dude, this is getting out of my league. "We should get going, the others are waiting at the Palace of Power, or what's left of it." They walked out to the warp and went in.

"Damnit! Leave the Palace for two minutes, and something goes wrong!!"
Chris and Alisa exited just as X and Zero were pacing around. "What happened?"
Kevin sighed. "The Commandant's forces came and took the Ultimate Warp Zone. I don't know why, with the Sun Stone gone, there's nothing that can power it."
Swinfordicus smiled at the two arrivals. "Hey Chris, how far did you get with her?"
Chris turned away, his face flushing red again, and Alisa winked at him. "Your friend was unbelievable."
Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus just stared at the two. "Dude, you lucky bastard!"
"Even Fresno Bob must bow down to this acomplishment. Cap, I salute you!!"
Chris managed to force down the red, and turned back to face the others, leaning towards Alisa. "Thanks."
Alisa smiled at him, suggesting that her fib might become a reality.
Oh boy, I'm getting in too deep.
Kevin smiled. "What I suggest, is that you find a name for the new team."
Chris shrugged. "Why change the name? N-Team was a good name to begin with."
"Of course, people will probably call us something like, 'the Neo N-Team'." Swinfordicus remarked.
"Sounds good to me." Zero added. "Technically, Chris is Captain N Neo."
"Captain N Neo." Chris pondered on the name. "It has a ring to it."
Kevin smiled at the band. "Then it's settled."
Chris nodded, and held out his hand. "The Neo N-Team."
MegaMan X smiled as he placed his hand in the ring. "Neo N."
Zero followed in suit. "What do we have to lose?"
Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus held their hands into the circle as well. "Ready and willing."
"Hell yeah."
Alisa placed her hand on top of Chris', much to his surprise. "Let's kick some ass."
Kevin joined them, and smiled at them all. "The N-Team is back."

After that day, the Commandant's forces slowly, but surely fell. The Neo N-Team rallied the oppressed people of VideoLand, resurrecting the people's will to fight back against evil. Allies, old and new, formed a new alliance, with Alisa as the royal overseer, and Chris as head of the militant forces. Kevin became their mentor, guiding both Chris and Alisa into their roles. MegaMan X and Zero reformed the Maverick Hunters, and drove out Sigma, destroying him with Chris' help. Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus rallied troops on Mount Icarus, outnumbering Medusa's army.
With a swift blow, Chris lead the Icarian army against Medusa, destroying her army, and blasting her into matter. With each passing day, the Commandant's forces shrank while the Alliance of VideoLand grew in strength, just as Chris' memories continued returning to him. The Neo N-Team became the symbol of VideoLand's freedom, and Chris, who became known to the people as Captain N Neo, was the subject of talk throught the universe.
The vast majority speculated on where he was from, who he was, since few people outside the Prime Council actually knew his name and his face, which is exactly how they wanted it. As long as the Commandant didn't know the face and real name of Captain N, the safer Chris swould be.
The Commandant's allies, or what allies were left, were a different story. All too commenly, they faced Captain N himself, and every one of them fell to him and the N-Team.
Despite his numerous victories, Chris was still learning the extent of his powers. With time and training, he gradually mastered his Power Glove, knowing what each program did. Along with his new power and knowledge came a great responsibility, and Chris knew it.
In the many months that followed, Chris and Alisa, not surprisingly, grew closer and closer. Kevin was reminded of the days when Lana and the others were still alive, and the days that followed Mother Brain's defeat, the days when he and Lana were so close together, they had almost been married. That day, however, never came, all because of the Commandant. It pained him to watch Chris and Alisa follow in their footsteps, hoping that they would never be seperated in such a painful way.
Leading his team against the Commandant's forces, Chris saved his friends more times then even he could count. In fact, the people who remembered the days of the original N-Team were saying that the new Captain N was even stronger and better trained than the first.
Chris, however, didn't let this go to his head. He knew that it was true in a sense, but it was because he had been trained by the original Captain N, and had learned how to better control his powers.
All this was beginning to worry the Commandant. He knew what would happen if Captain N faced him, and he had nothing to fight back with.

"Damnit all!! It's been seven months, and that, brat is destroying my army! Medusa and Sigma are gone, Gannon's holed up in Hyrule, and Mother Brain won't respond to me! UURRRR!!!!"
The Commandant's adviser sighed as he cautiously walked up to his master. "My lord, we have managed to locate Metroid, and have estabilished contact with Mother Brain, if you wish to speak with her."
The Commandant nodded, and looked at the screen as Mother Brain appeared. "It's about time."
"What do you mean?! I'm the one trying to stay ahead of this kid every single freakin' minute!! Commandant, if you can't get a hold on this, I won't be around to help you once Captain N makes it to your base!!"
The Commandant was furious at the remark. "Don't call him Captain N!!! That's not who he is!! This kid is a fantasizing wann'a be!! The is only one Game Master, and that is me!!"
Mother Brain snorted. "Say that all you want, but remember this!! As long as this guy says he's Captain N, the people will follow him against us!!" With that, Mother Brain ended the transmission.
The Commandant snarled at the blank screen. "No one is Captain N, but me!!"

Chris and the N-Team manuvered into position, an squadron of Ar-Wings behind them. "Alright guy, time to take this asteroid out. Wing leaders, report in."
"Eagle 1, reporting in."
"Knight 1, reporting in."
"Fox 1, ready to kick ass," came the voice of Fox McCloud, one of Chris' close friends.
Chris smiled at the remark. "All fighters, lock on target, and prepare to break formation on my command."
Fox smiled, then gasped as multiple signals appeared. "Cap, we've got bogies heading in fast!! Pirate ships, hundreds of them!!"
Chris snarled as he saw the fighters. "All fighters, break and attack!! X, Zero, stay on my wing. StarFox, you're with me. Let's go!!"
The Commandant smiled as he watched the battle. "Delta team, mission status."
"Objective Red secured sir. We're on our way back now."
The Commandant smiled evilly, and turned away to leave the room.

Chris smiled as another Pirate fighter novaed in his sights, them suddenly realized something. The fighters weren't fighting back very hard. "Oh, shit!!" he opened the com and almost paniced. "X, Zero, cease fire! Those fighters aren't here to destroy us! They're here to distract us!" He quickly disengaged and banked to join his friends. "Fox, disengage your targets, these guys are just here to keep us busy!"
"Cap, what's wrong?" came Zero's voice. "I'm in the middle of pumpling these freaks, and..."
"Forget about them Zero, they're only here to keep us busy while something is going on." Chris replied. But what? That's what confused Chris. Why would Pirates willingly get themselves killed, unless.... Suddenly, it hit him. "The Palace, the Commandant sent a strike force into the Palace..." The horror of what was happening came to him. "Kevin!"
X and Zero got the idea, and they formed on Chris' wing. "Fox, we've got trouble back at the Palace. Try and force Metroid to follow us."
"You got it Zero."

The strike team walked into the Commandant's chamber, dumping their prize to the floor.
"Well, well, well. If it isn't the great and powerful Captain N?" the Commandant remarked, then laughed. "I can't see how you managed to defeat Mother Brain, let alone save Princess Lana. Oops, my mistake. You failed in that."
Kevin Keene ran at the mad man before him, only to be electro-shocked by a forcefield.
"No no no. Don't want to hurt yourself. I've got big plans for you, Keene."
"The name is Kevin Keene, formerly known as Captain N, the Game Master."
The Commandant smiled, and snapped his fingers. The strike team leader handed him Kevin's belt, the Power Pad and Zapper fully charged. "Former is right. Now, I hold that title." He picked up a red jacket, and smiled. "Soon, everything shall been according to my design."

Chris ran throught the Palace's halls, racing to the throne room. "Kevin!!" Fear gripped his heart. He knew that there was no chance Kevin was still there, that's why the Priates had kept them busy; to give the strike team enough time to capture Kevin.
He ran into the communications room, and saw the transmission indicator flashing. He activated the screen, and snarled, quickly covering his eyes with a visor. "What do you want?"
The image seemed to smile at him, but Chris couldn't tell; the face was blocked by a scrambler, and the voice was warped. "So, you're the so called, 'Game Master.'"
"That's Captain N, Commandant. Where's Kevin?"
"You're smart, I'll give you that. I'll make you a deal. You want to see Keene alive again, come to my base and surrender. I'm sending you the coordinates now." The image vanished, leaving Chris with a disturbing sense of deja vu. "There's something familer about all this, almost as if it's a story I once read." He shrugged it off, and saw the others standing in the doorway.
"We can't do it kid."
Chris sighed to the Team. "We can't let Kevin die. He helped us become the team that we are. Guys, we have to save him."
"And we will." X replied. "We just have to figure out what to do."
Chris sighed, then smiled. "Let's fake him out. It worked for Kevin and Link when King Hippo and Eggplant Wizard got two of the Triforces."
X and Zero were amazed. "How did you know that? Only the N-Team and Dr. Light knew what happened."
Chris was surprised, that he had known that piece of information. "It's my memories. I get bits and pieces at times when I don't expect them."
Alisa smiled. "It would work though. And the Commandant's never seen your face, so we have that advantage."
"He won't be expecting a kid." Swinfordicus replied. "Dude, I like it. There is definitly more to you than your...." He stopped as he saw the unamused looks on Chris and Alisa's faces. "Uh, never mind."
Chris nodded. "Yeah."

The Commandant smiled as he watched Kevin's torture. "This is too good. I've finally won over that pitiful Alliance."
A soldier walked up and bowed. "Commandant, Captain N and the Neo N-Team are here."
The Commandant almost jumped up to blast the soldier, but managed to resist the urge. "Send them in."
Chris and his team walked into the chamber, and Chris had to restrain himself from blasting the Commandant's guards. "Commandant, I am Captain N."
The Commandant laughed loudly, and the throne in which he was sitting slowly turned around to reveal the Commandant's face, which was none other than....
YOU!!!!! "Mark Moore!!!"
The Commandant jumped out of his throne, no longer laughing. "What did you call me?!" The name shocked him, he hadn't expected it.
Chris stared at the man in horror. "Gods, it all makes sense." The final memories fell into place, and Chris knew what had happened. "The knowledge of this universe's evils, the knowledge of the video worlds, it all makes sense."
The Commandant stared at Chris, unable to understand how this child knew this.
Chris merely shook his head in disbelief. "That's why your transmission felt familer. It was almost an exact reenactment of Mr. X's transmission to the N-Team in 'Apocalypse.'"
"How do you..." The Commandant was at a loss. No one was supposed to remember the past. "Who are you?!"
Chris snarled, disgusted by what the man had done. "You may not remember me, but I remember you, Mark Moore. You were the owner of the Unoffical Captain N Homepage. You wrote fanfictions based on a Saturday morning cartoon from the early '90s called Captain N:The Game Master. But you had a problem. Your stories were contrdicting, rewriting, and changing the show's characters. Now, it all makes sense."
The Commandant, or rather, Mark Moore, couldn't believe that this teenager knew this. "Who are you?"
Chris stared at Moore with resentful eyes. "I am Captain N, the Game Master."
Moore almost laughed again. "In your dreams. There is only one Captain N, and that's me." He smiled, and pulled off his cloak, revealing Chris' Northridge jacket, Kevin's Power Pad and Zapper on Moore's waist.
"I have the Power Pad and Zapper, and the Jacket, that makes me, Captain N."
Chris sighed, knowing that after so long, the man still didn't get the idea. "You still don't get it Moore. It's not the weapons, or the jacket that make a Game Master. It's the spirit and courage, the heart and soul that makes the chosen one a true Game Master. That's why I was chosen. Because I knew what it meant to be a Game Master. You still think that a Game Master relies on weapons and symbols. A true Game Master relies on his friends, not a Zapper or Power Pad. Captain N's not a title, it's a birthright."
Mark gave the teenager a funny look. "You know, how is it that you know who I am, but I don't know you?"
Chris frowned. "I'm the one who kept telling you that your stuff was completely wrong, especially that little Lana/Zelda thing."
Mark stared at Chris, then suddenly remembered what the boy was talking about. "I know you. Haven't thought about you since the transit. You're Blair."
"That's Chris Blair, now Captain N." Chris replied.
"You're not Captain N, I am."
X and Zero ran into the room, and saw Moore. "Who's he?"
"Mark Moore, aka, the Commandant."
Zero looked at Moore, and laughed. "He's the Commandant? Dude, what a fruit."
Moore snarled at Zero, and Chris smiled. "Where's Kevin?"
"He's alive for the moment. Where's your surrender?"
Chris felt like laughing. "Our surrender? Moore, you actually thought that we would surrender? Pleeease. That's like saying that Stacey could be Princess of VideoLand." He then smiled at the comment. "I forgot, you wrote that sort of thing once. And it sucked!!"
Moore snarled at Captain N, and aimed his Zapper. "Now, you die!!" He fired, only to have Chris fire at the beam, deflecting it and hitting Moore with his own Glove blast.
"Nice, but pointless."

Alisa ran through the fortress, following her tracker's signals to Kevin. "Come on, where are you?" She saw a cell that had it's lock light on, and using her magic, melted a hole in the steel door. "Kevin!"
"Princess!!" Kevin was glad to see the girl, jumping up and dashing to the hole. "Where's Chris?!"
"Fighting the Commandant! We've got to hurry!!"

Chris ducked behind a table as Moore kept firing at him. Chris was surprised that Moore had been able to last this long; unlike Chris' Glove, the Power Pad had an energy limit, yet Moore had been using the Pad and Zapper far beyond the normal power supply.
X, Zero, Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus were staying out of the way, knowing that Chris had to fight this battle on his own.
"Give it up Blair, I am the only Captain N there is!!"
Chris fired back at Moore, dodging another blast. "Get a clue!! Captain N is a defender, not a blood-thirsty conqueror!!"
Moore was about to fire, when Kevin ran into the room. "YOU!!!!" Moore reaimed at Kevin and fired, striking the man in the heart.
"KEVIN!!!" Chris ran over to his mentor, and saw blood pour out of his chest. "Shit, Kevin. Just hold on."
"No, my time is done." Kevin replied. "But your mission still continues. There's a powerful energy in this room, just behind the throne." With those final words, Kevin Keene passed on from the living world, and to whatever realm awaited.
Chris stared at Moore, and fired his Glove, striking the throne, and exposing three shining pyramids.
"The Triforces!!" Chris realized how Moore was able to keep up with the Power Pad. He had been using the Triforces' energy to constently recharge it. "You bastard!! You killed him!!"
Moore smiled. "A fitting end for a fraud." Chris snarled, then stood up, a glow emanating from his Glove's blaster. "He was no fraud, he was a true hero!"
Moore started to laugh, then yelled as X grabbed his arms. "What the hell?! Let me go!!"
X smiled. "Cap, he's got the Ultimate Warp in the communications chamber. It's the only way to send Earth back to it's proper reality."
"No!! Earth belongs to me!!"
Chris nodded at his cybernetic friend and ran off to find the Warp. He found the chamber, walked up to the fist, and sighed. "Dude, how do I turn this thing on?" He placed his hand on the fist, and saw a triple triangle symbol etch into his Glove's blast barrel. "What the?" Each triangle was a different color, the left one red, the right, blue, and the top one, green.
"I'm linked." Chris shook his head as he realized what it meant. "I'm linked to the Triforces." At that moment, Chris realized what he had to do. "With no Sun Stone, I'm the only thing that can activate the Warp." Placing his hands on the sides of the fist, Chris felt an incredible amount of energy flow from him and into the Warp. "Please work."
Suddenly, a great booming voice resounded through the chamber. "With a Glove of Power, and a Mighty Team, He will restore Terra to it's rightful Realm!! Behold, the Ultimate Warp Zone!!!!"

Earth sat in the void of space. But unlike it's previous place, this space was not a vaccum; instead, filled with air. The people of Earth went on with their business, when a ribbon of energy appeared in the sky. The ribbon expanded, and ripped open a hole, revealing a bright shining sun, several planets, a ring of asteroids, and a small moon with no mother planet.
This hole, this rip, was the gateway back to Earth's original Universe.

"NNOO!!!" Moore yelled as he watched Earth begin to fall back into it's rightful dimension. "My empire!!"
"Your empire fell before it ever started." X replied, and he threw Moore to the ground. "Loser."
Moore stared at the Maverick Hunter, and smiled. "I haven't lost yet."

Chris strained under the huge amount of power that was blasting through him. He watched as Earth was pulled back through the rift, and back to where it belonged. Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus ran into the chamber, and saw a blue warp opening up.
"You guys want to go home, this is the last call!"
Both of them shook their heads. "No way dude. We don't jump out on our friends."
Chris gritted his teeth as a huge pulse went through him. "I won't hold it against you, but this is the last chance for you to go home!"
Carlmaximus nodded. "And it's the only chance you'll never have! By staying here and fueling the Warp, you're stranding yourself here! We're a team! When one jumps, we all jump!"
Chris nodded, and the Warp shut, closing the last Warp to Earth forever.

Earth began to glow as it passed through the rift, energy crackling all over the surface. The people were at first frightened, but as soon as they had passed through the rift, they thought nothing of it, as if their memories of VideoLand were, well, erased, which they were. Earth's memories, had been restored.

Chris strained to stay up, and collapsed as the Warp shut down, Earth back where it belonged. "I did it. I, restored Earth."
Swinfordicus and Carmaximus helped Chris back to his feet. "Dude, you okay? That had to drain you."
Chris nodded as he felt his strength return. "I'm alright, just, tired." He suddenly snapped his head up, aware of something wrong. "Moore, have to get back to Moore!"

X gritted his teeth as Moore grinned, a powerful blast beam focused on him and Zero. Alisa was trapped behind a forcefield, unable to help.
"Now, I win! With the power of the Triforce, I will destroy you all!"
"Think again!!"
Moore turned to the door and smiled. "So, Blair comes back, a failure."
"Wrong. Earth is back where it belongs, proving that I am Captain N, and you are a fraud!"
Moore smiled venomously. "Could a fraud do...THIS?!!" A bright white swirling Warp opened, and Moore jumped in. Chris swiftly blasted the beam, and shut down the forcefield, freeing his team. "We have to stop him! Come on!!"
The N-Team came blasting out of the warp, and Chris was shocked at their surroundings. "It's the Palace! But this area is gone!"
X quickly scanned the area. "Sensors indicate that this is the Palace of Power. The Palace of Power in 1989."
Chris looked down the hall, and realized what was going on. "Mark's 'Captain N64'. He's trying to reenact the ending of his story."
Swinfordicus looked at his friend. "Dude, where is he going?!"
Chris looked to Swinfordicus. "To the beginning of everything." He snarled as he thought about what Moore was planning to do. "That son of a bitch!!!"

"I'm afraid we can't hold out much longer." Lana said sadly. She faced Kid Icarus and touched his hair. "Kid Icarus, your loyalty has never diminished."
"Just doing my duty, Your Highnicus." the archer replied.
Lana knelt in front of MegaMan and placed her hands on his shoulders. "MegaMan, you've fought bravely and well."
MegaMan bowed. "A pleasure to serve you, Your Worship."
Lana stood up and faced Simon, placing her hands over her heart. "Simon, you've been our anchor in a long and terrible storm."
Simon smiled, full of his huge ego. "I know."
Lana looked at all of them. "I thank you all for your efforts. I only wish it didn't have to end this way."
Suddenly the lights dimmed, and a bright glow came from the center of the throne room.
A bassy voice boomed throughout the room. "Do not give up hope yet, Princess, for the end is not yet near."
Lana gasped, then looked at Simon, who was holding her. He grinned widely, then frowned as she shoved him away. "Simon, let go of me." Simon was disappointed.
The four of them gathered around the pedestal and stared at the fist.
"There are powers beyond those that you can possibly imagine. " The voice continued. "The Prophecy of VideoLand foretells of a young warrior, from another realm, who shall warp into this universe and restore peace to our realm."
The four of them stepped away from the pedestal as the fist rose from it and transformed into energy. The voice boomed once more, this time, speaking of another legend.
"In the year of Nineteen Hundred and Ninety-Eight, a world known as Terra shall be brought into VideoLand from another realm, and a man of dark heart shall take control of this world with the aid of VideoLand's evil. He shall control the weapons and forces of Terra, and aid Darkness in conquering VideoLand."
Lana and the others watched as the energy began to ripple and swirl.
"In the Tenth month of his rule, a threat to his power shall arise. A child who will regain his past, and become the greatest hero in both realms. With a Glove of Power, and a mighty team, the Hero will restore peace, and return Terra to it's rightful place!"
All four of them were surprised, This was not the Prophecy that they knew.
"He is Captain N, The Game Master!"
Lana was amazed. This new Prophecy spoke of the future impacting the past.
"Behold, the Ultimate Warp Zone!!!!"
The energy blasted out light, transforming into a shining white Warp
Suddenly, Mark Moore ran into the throne room. "At last!! I enter this warp a conqueror! Yess!"
Chris and the others ran into the room just as Moore went through the warp. "Damnit!! He's going after Kevin!!"

Kevin Keene was losing badly to King Hippo in a game of Punch-Out. His fingers repeatedly hit the A and B buttons on his NES Advantage.
Suddenly, the picture fuzzed up.
Just then, bolts of energy lashed out from the screen, and Mark Moore appeared in the room.
Kevin looked at him in surprise. "What the.."
Moore smiled at him. "So...we are now face to face. In one future, you become the leader of the N Team. But about to end!!"
More energy lashed out, Chris and the N-Team exiting the Warp.
"We're too late!" Alisa yelled.
"And now, Keene," Moore said, "for the glory of Mother Brain, for the glory of my empire, for the Videoland that is mine to rule, you die!!!"
Chris knew that Moore was wrong about his plan. It won't work the way he wants.
Moore laughed. "Say good-bye to the universe, Blair! The future had changed! The N Team loses! Mother Brain triumphs! And you... none of you no longer exist!!!"
Moore drew his Zapper and fired, striking Kevin in the chest, close to, but not near enough to his heart.
Moore began to laugh manically, then looked around, shocked that everything was still there. "What? But this isn't possible!!"
Chris smiled. "It's not Kevin you have to worry about. VideoLand can be saved without him."
Moore snarled. "Lana and the N Team!!" Moore jumped back into the Warp, Chris shaking his head as he and his team followed. "It's not them that it's about..." His words were cut off as they made the transit, but it finished in his mind. It's me.....

Lana and the others watched as Moore reappeared, and he leveled his Zapper at the princess. "Now, everything shall end!!"
Chris came flying out of the Warp, slamming into Moore, and causing the shot to go wild. "It's not Kevin you have to stop, Moore! It's me!!" He pressed a button on his Glove and smiled.
"What are you doing?"
Chris smiled wider. "Using a program I never realized existed until now." Chris pressed the Program button, and entered 64. "Let's see what it does." He aimed at Moore, and was surprised that the Glove charged up a blast and fired, without him having to squeeze his fist. "Hell yeah!!"
Moore dodged the blast, returning with his own, only to have it deflected by an energy shield. "What?!"
Chris quickly sped past Moore, using every martial arts move he knew, pummeling Moore back. "I got two words for you!!"
Moore fell to the ground, dizzy and bruised from Chris' beating. "Uuuuhhhh...."
Chris picked up Moore by the collar, and shoved his Glove's barrel into Mark's stomach. "GAME OVER!!!!" He fired, sending Moore slamming into a wall.
X smiled at his friend. "I'd say advance to next Level, but we're already there."
Lana looked at the six. "Who are you?"
Alisa smiled at the princess. "I'm Princess Alisa Deshara of Final Fantasy, and royal overseer of the Alliance of Light."
Lana shook her head in disbelief. "Princess of Final Fantasy? You can't be, there is no Princess of Final Fantasy."
Chris smiled at Lana. "She isn't Princess of all Final Fantasy yet. She will be in about six years. We're from the future, the year 2000 to be exact."
MegaMan looked at X. "Wow. Who built you, and who are you?"
"I'm MegaMan X, I was built by Dr. Light, just like you were. This is my partner Zero."
"Wily's last, and only good creation." Zero finished.
Simon looked at Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus. "Who are you two?"
Carlmaximus smiled. "I am Fresno Bob! Feel the Wrath of the Son of Sam!!"
Simon backed away, and Swinfordicus smiled. "Dude, this is too cool."
Chris nodded. "Matt, see if you can...."
Swinfordicus looked at Chris. "What was that name?"
Chris smiled. "Your real name. I finally remembered it. Back on Earth, your name was Matt Swinford, and Fresno Bob was Eric Carlson."
Swinfordicus and Carlmaximus thought about it. "Sounds like a good name to me."
Carlmaximus shrugged. "What the hell, you're the one who remembers all this."
Kid Icarus looked at Chris. "But who are you?"
"Chris Blair, Captain N Neo."
Lana and the others were surprised. "You're Captain N?"
Chris nodded, showing them his Glove. "'With a Glove of Power, and a Mighty Team, the Hero shall restore Peace, and return Terra to it's proper realm.'
"'He is Captain N, the Game Master.'"
Lana was amazed. Truely, only the Hero would know the Prophecy that well. "Will you help us?"
Chris nodded. "Hey, it's my destiny. Plus, I can't go home, my world is in a totally different multiverse."
Alisa smiled at him, and Matt grinned. "Going to go for round 5?"
Chris looked at Matt, then at Alisa. "Not surprised." He smiled, and turned back to Lana. "What can I say? I'm hooked!!!"

Christopher Blair

Matthew Swinford

Eric Carlson

Melanie Mitchell

David Masters

Executive Director===========================Christopher Blair
Executive Producer==========================Cynthia Chan
Assistant Producer==========================Chris Saywer
Screenplay===============================Christopher Blair
Casting Director============================Michael Miller
1st Assistant Director========================Daniel Hart
2nd Assistant Director========================Kay Gilmore
Production Manager=========================Vincent Steed
Music===================================Christopher Blair


Christopher Blair==========================Himself
Swindferdicus/Matt========================Matthew Swinford
Carmaximus/Eric==========================Eric Carlson
Princess Alisa============================Melanie Mitchell
MegaMan X============================Christopher Blair
Zero==================================Michael Ubowski
Kevin Keene============================David Masters
The Commandant/Mark Moore===============Himself
Mother Brain============================Levi Stubbs

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