Captain N

Season 4, Episode 1

Press Start, Player 2

By Ryu-Kun


          The Place is Northridge, California...The date is September 9, 1997, exactly 8 years after Kevin Keene and his dog Duke vanished from the face of the Earth.  A Teenager is sitting down right near a grave marked...Kevin Keene. The teenager is wearing a blue jacket with a black embroidered "N" On it, Just like Kevin's Jersey. His friends were standing silently, looking at the grave. They all knew in their heart, that this grave is false…he didn’t die…  "He can't be dead....”, the young man said to his friends, ”They never found his body, AND his video games were on.... PLUS nobody could have got past mom, so...” The boy was Rick Keene, Kevin Keene's younger brother.... Well...He not so young now...He has a keen sense, and a strange skill of reading people's minds, and talking to animals with his mind. Psychic powers. "And these powers, half are mine but.... did Kevin grant me the other half or.... did that light do it?"  Rick's two friends were, a young man with an outfit compromised of just jeans (a jean jacket and a pair of jeans, although he was wearing a shirt, socks and shoes), and wore a priceless Pendant around his neck, as well as a girl in a totally black outfit. She always wore black, which left her friends confused.  "Huh? What's that?" Asks Rick. "What's what?" Asks the boy. He points at a holographic image of Princess Lana...At least she introduced herself as so....  "What are you pointing at?" the girl argued. Suddenly she and the boy heard the voice although couldn't see the image.  "Hello, I am Princess Lana.... If you can hear me, please.... Captain N needs your help...", pleaded the image.  Rick had to ask the question, though not expecting an answer,” Who’s Captain N.... do you mean Kevin?", however, he didn't know he'd get an answer.  "Captain N's real name is Kevin Keene. Please, you must do...he...when....", the image said as it faded.  "Wow! Kevin has a new girlfriend, huh? Wait, didn't she say she was a princess? Then that means, he may be the same age I saw him as when he disappeared...hmm.... I think I know what she wants me to do....", Rick thought to himself as he ran to his house,” Kevin! Hang On!". "We'll see you later.... keep in touch, all right?" the boy insisted, blinking.  As he was running home, he thought of the day Kevin vanished...


          Meanwhile at The Palace of Light in Videoland, Princess Lana looked a little upset...."The image didn't get to finish its message, I hope the person who saw it knows what to do!"  Zelda tried to reassure her friend that it would be all right, "I'm sure SOMEBODY knows...” Kevin was busy outside fighting off the swarms of Metroids, Robots, Veggies, and Castlevanian Creeps sent out at him. Link, Megaman, Simon, and Kid Icarus were at his side, as was his dog, Duke. All the while Kevin was thinking of his brother, Rick, whom he'd left behind. "Rick would be a great help here, wouldn't he boy?" He asked Duke. Duke seemed to agree.  Kevin wondered how Rick and his two friends were doing…


          In the year September 9th, 1989, Rick was ALMOST as good a player as his brother Kevin Keene. They always had competitions with each other. Although Kevin always won, Rick Got better each time.... they were about to go Head-to-head in Double Dragon's Vs Mode when Kevin vanished. Rick's dog, Skipper, was only a pup. Skipper always looked up to Duke, just as Rick looked up to Kevin. They were the best of friends and were hardly ever apart. That day....


          Kevin was in his messy room.  Although he didn't notice, his brother, Rick, was watching through the window. He had terrific balance, and always seemed to land on his feet.

Their mother had told Kevin to clean up his room, but he had not.

Instead, he was playing a game of Punchout!  He wasn’t doing too well

against King Hippo, either; he didn’t know why he wasn’t playing so well

tonight.  His dog, Duke, came to him with the Zapper in his mouth.

Amused, Kevin shook his head.

Suddenly, the screen on his television changed. . . from that of the boxing ring

to the Power Glove chamber in the Palace of Power!  "Wow!" he exclaimed in great

surprise.  Rick was terrified, as he was only a small child. Skipper looked up, and wanted to know what was happening. Suddenly, energy from the television reached out and grabbed for Kevin.

He jumped out of his chair and tried to hold on to the curtains in the back of

his room, but to no avail.  One of the bars ripped out of the wall, and he was

pulled into his television set, through a warp to Videoland.  His faithful dog,

Duke, followed, despite the ghostly green figure that popped out after Kevin had

been pulled in. The green figure flew around the room, and noticed Rick leaving; it flew through the window, and knocked Rick onto the ground. Rick got up, and he noticed he wasn't bruised. He checked to see if he was dreaming, and he thought he saw Kevin, but he vanished again. The green sprit seemed to make him stronger however. Rick never saw him again. Neither did his mother or father.


          Kevin did not know this, but everyone thought he was dead. They thought they came behind Rick, knocked him and his dog down, and abducted Kevin & Duke. Rick Insisted that's not what happened, but they wouldn't let him even TRY to make up a lie that could save his brother's skin. They thought he was trying to defend someone. He shut up, so they never thought that again. But every so often he and his two friends, a girl named Renaa, and a boy who everyone called Ryu-kun, tried their best to figure it out.


          In 1997, back at the palace of Light, Simon started to scream,” These monsters are starting to ruin my hair!" His whip was busy whipping enemies to notice Simon's Scream.  Kid Icarus sighed,” We need helpicus!" Kid Icarus was getting tired, and his arrows were running out.  Megaman agreed,” I hope the princess's reinforcements come in a mega-hurry!" Megaman's Mega Buster Blasted a foe while Rush Shot one with a missile,” Right!"  Gameboy swatted a Metroid with a baseball bat, "Affirmative!"  Link tried to stay focused, “Stay focused everyone! We can’t let our guard down!” Link just shot another bad guy with his sword.  Kevin agreed,” Link is right! We've got to stay focused, or the reinforcements won't have anything to help!" Duke bit one of his foes while Kevin zapped another. The enemies were coming in quickly! "We're outnumbered!" Simon Whined. "Simon! We're ALWAYS outnumbered!" Replied Kevin, annoyed, not only by Simon, but by the lack of assistance…it was getting crazy.


          At The Keene Household in Northridge, California, Rick Looked down and smiled, his dog, Skipper, was sleeping. "Hey, Come on Boy, I think I've got a lead on Kevin and Duke!" This seemed to Please Skipper who got up and started barking with delight! They headed to Rick's Room. After these years, Skipper has only changed in size, not much in appearance....  Rick's room wasn't half as messy as his brother Kevin's. Rick Smiled at his dog. "Let's see...the game that Kevin was playing as he left was Punch-Out!, so that means...." Putting in Super Punch-Out! in his SNES, Skipper ran in with the Super Scope 6. Smiling, he turned on the game.... Like before a swirl began to appear. "Ready, boy?" He asked his dog, who gave a bark as a reply. He jumped into the swirling light and Skipper followed. He felt like he was in an amusement park ride. Down below, he saw the woman he saw in the image and Princess Zelda from the first 2 Zelda Games. Telepathically he checked, "Renaa? Ryu-Kun can you hear me?"  Renaa, the girl that Rick was speaking to in the graveyard, Responded,” Loud and clear!" Ryu-Kun, the half Japanese teenage boy from the graveyard, answered, "Yep! Go for it! I’ll keep in touch!"


          He landed in the Palace of Light. He stood up and looked around. His dog suddenly came tumbling out of a warp. He caught him and set him down. He turned to the Princesses and smiled, "So, your Princess Lana, Eh? Well then, your highness,”, He bowed, “What is wrong that you need my help on?" Lana was stunned for a second because of the fact that the boy and his dog looked like Kevin & Duke! She asked, "Do you know Mother Brain? She is trying to take over our world…We warped a boy named Kevin here, but now, even he is outpowered…" He nodded, “Ok then…No time to talk...I've got to help this…Captain N” Skipper barked in agreement. Lana handed him a Super Scope 6,"Here, take this, it's all we could find. I hope you are as accurate with this as Kevin is with a zapper!" He nodded and ran to the front. Lana couldn’t help but ask herself, “What were they hiding? And why did they look like Kevin and Duke?”


          "Your the reinforcements? We're doomed!" Cried Simon Belmont. "Hmm...Shut up, okay!? I know what I'm doing!" Kevin stared for about a second.... something about him was familiar, and yet...."DUCK!!” Rick screamed! He fired a blast that took out 4 metroids at once. Kevin turned and started to concentrate on taking out the enemies. Skipper started biting the monsters, just like Duke. They vanished into micro-dust! The remaining metroids and other baddies made a quick exit. Rick smiled a half smile. "Now if you don't mind,” asked Kevin,” who are you?" Rick crouched down & took off his backpack, then unzipped it. He put his Super Scope 6 in his backpack and zipped it back up, then stood back up, singed it to his back. He smiled at Kevin and then said,” I am Rick Keene, of Northridge, California,” Rick responded. Skipper barked. He added, “and this is my dog Skipper…” He ducked down and rubbed Skipper’s head. Kevin, Lana, Megaman, Rush, Link, Zelda, Kid Icarus, and Simon Belmont all were shocked to hear the new young adventure's name. He smiled again ,”It’s been a long time Big bro." Kevin began to stutter, but then Duke walked up and started to lick Rick. “Whoa! Whoa! Easy, Duke! I’ve missed you too!” Kevin realized this was his brother. He smiled and said, “Yes, Rick. It has been a long time…a very long time.”


The team was surprised to hear the young man's name. Not only did he look like Kevin, and have his pinpoint accuracy, AND a dog that look liked Duke, but he has the same last name as Kevin.... He even claimed to be the younger brother of Kevin. “One question, how come you look my age?” Kevin asked. “Well it's been 8 years where I come from.... I think maybe your warp zone chose the wrong time zone… But there is just one thing that bothers me…  Why me? Is it the green spirit?” “Why, yes, whoever gets touched by that being is to be the one who comes through the second Ultimate Warp,” answered. Kevin needed to grasp this. “Wait, you mean you were looking into my window that day?”  Rick snapped, “Yes I did, So What?” Kevin snapped back, “Didn’t I tell you not to do that?” Rick got upset, “Don’t treat me like a child, Kevin Keene! I'm as old as you are now!” Duke and Skipper looked at each other and whimpered. Kevin Yelled back, “So? As you said before, your my Younger brother!” Rick started to calm down, “Look, your lucky it was me! You remember the only person who was even a CHALLANGE to you was me!” Kevin taunted, “Well you always lost!” Rick decided to use reason, “Well would you rather have had that bully, what's-his-name, to be here? Or even mom or dad? They'd kill you!”  And so, Kevin gave in, “Good point.... it is for the best.” Rick shook his head. "Sorry, Ever since Kevin vanished 8 years ago, I've had this big temper,” Rick Apologized. “So, tell me, what's going on?”


          Meanwhile, at Metroid... “What! What do you Mean that there was 2 Captain N's?” asked mother brain. Her new soldier general told her about the N-Teams talk of reinforcements. Mother Brain pondered a moment and then thought maybe she could use this to her advantage...she realized that if she took kid Icarus hostage, she’d be able to lure them here…


          “.... And that's the story in a nutshell,”, Kevin finished. “Whew! Looks like that Ultimate warp we all got ourselves into brought us BIG problems huh?” Rick asked. Kevin, “Yeah, and there is no way home until we destroy mother brain.... if I even want to....” Meanwhile, Rush & Duke were pretty much giving Skipper a dog's eye view tour of the palace. Rush explained everything. “Why waste your time talking to them, Rush? They are just stupid animals, you’re an intelligent machine!” of course, Simon doesn't know about Rick's power to communicate with animals, thus proving animals have brains. The dogs get mad and are about to bite Simon. Rick, Megaman, & Kevin walk up. “Hey Simon! They are saying – Who are you calling stupid, Belmont? – so, I suggest…you run." Simon can see that Rick is not bluffing. He starts to panic, when he sees Rick & Duke growling at him. He runs off like the chicken he is. "Rick, how do you know what they are saying?" Kevin asks his kid brother. "I don't know how I got the powers to talk to animals. I guess I got them from that Green Spirit.", He answered.  Meanwhile, Kid Icarus was on the balcony…He sees something. It’s KRAID! He grabs Kid Icarus. Kid Icarus shouts, “Helpicus!”… but he’s too late…No one can hear him. Suddenly there was an alarm. "What's that?" Rick asked. "The alarm!" Answered Kevin. "Come On! To the control Room!" When they ran to the control room, the king of Corneria (Final Fantasy) had a message to the heroes! "There is a message for you my dear." explained The King. "Mother Brain says you have to send the new guy over to his place now if you want to see Kid Icarus again. "What?" They looked around. True. Kid Icarus was missing. "If you fail to.... (GULP!) He will be killed." The screen went off. Rick feels depressed, “It’s my fault huh, and I’ll go." Kevin stops him, NO! Your my brother, and brother's stick together! We've got to find a way to get Icarus back without giving up Rick." Rick Smiles. "Thank you, Kevin."


          Meanwhile, Back at Mother Brain's place. "They're not giving in? Hmm... I guess they care more about him than you Kid Icarus! Hahahaha!"  "That's not truicus! I know that Kevinicus with help me out of here!" "YEAH RIGHT! Nothing can save you, unless they hand over the Captain N look-a-like!" She laughed. "Even if youicus did have Himicus, he would never help youicus!", Icarus retorted. "We shall see! My Ray will work on anybody who's human! And if he came from the world Captain N did, and has a dog...He's a human, you’re just lucky the Ray will have no effect on you Kid Icarus!"


          "Well what's the plan?" Rick asked. Lana hands a SNES Powerpad. "You'll need this first. It has as many buttons as Kevin's, though it looks like it has more, they are just configured different", Lana said. He strapped it on. "Well Kevin? You’re the leader. What do we do?" Rick asked. "Well, first the easy part. We get on Metroid, but we have to sneak on. That's where you come in Rick. We Act Like your coming...Did you pack anything that can be used as a disguise of....", Kevin was cut off. Simon shouted, “I have something like that in here...." Kevin Tried to finish, “a metroid, Rick?" Rick Smiled, “Hey, with Renaa as a Friend, I've learned to always be prepared!", Rick Smiled. He pulled a disguise kit out. "Good, Lana, Link, Zelda, And I will act as guards to escort you. Megaman, you take Rush and use the Rush Drill to get the dogs in!", Kevin ordered. Rick smiled to himself. This reminded him of how Kevin played Conflict. “Very Bossy, Kevin,” He whispered to himself, “You’ll Never change, Kevin.... You’ll never change....". "Hey,”, Simon Whined,”, What about Me?" Rick smiled, “You create a distraction for Megaman!" Simon pretended to Ignore Rick, “Well?" Kevin Smiled, “He’s Right Simon.... you’ll never pass as a metroid with your living whip and backpack. Simon Grumbled.


          As according to plan Rick comes in. He destroys to guards with his blaster, and then Kevin, Lana, Link, And Zelda, disguised as Metroids "Take Him Prisoner." They bring him inwards towards Mother Brain's Lair. Meanwhile, Simon Makes a distraction long enough for Rush, Megaman, Duke, and Skipper to sneak in with a rush drill tank! Mother Brain Smiles, “Now Your going to work for me, young man! HAHAHAHAHAA!" Rick snatches his arm from The "Guard" who is actually his brother Kevin. "First Release Kid Icarus!" Mother Brain laughs...."You'll just Capture Him again automatically." "Oh yeah...I didn't come here just to work for an UGLY thing like you!" Angered by that, she fires a cannon, the metroids walk out of the room before then, suddenly the Rush Drill Falls in and breaks the laser cannon. "NOOOOOOOO! What have you DONE!”? Rick smiles, despite himself. "Heh, Good Timing Megaman!" The guards throw their costumes off! "Your Finished Mother Brain!", Kevin Yells. Simon falls in and Rick Quickly grabs the end of the whip to keep it from tying up the N-Team. "Vampire Killer Come to me!" The whip flies to his hand, and changes into a Morning Star. Simon wants to whine, but gets hit by mother brain's laser. "Guys! I think she's going to blow Metroid Up! Come On!", Screamed Rick. He swings the whip around to keep the lasers bouncing off! Then they run into the warp.


          Back at the Palace of Light, Rick and the others are sitting near the viewing screen… "Well that was sure an adventure," Said Rick. I'm Exhausted. "YAWN!" Skipper Yawned and went to sleep. Rick smiles, "Hmm...He's dog Tired." The Joke only got a mild chuckle, but it was turned to laughter when rush went to lie down and his missile pack went off, into Simon’s backpack, breaking his mirror. “How could anyone give YOU bad luck Simon?” Rick smiles. "Well, Looks Like the N-Team is Back!” Kevin said out loud… Rick sits down and asks himself, “What have I gotten myself into now?” Skipper looks up at him and whimpers. He smiles at him…“Whatever it is…I’m sure that together, we can handle it! You, me, and the N-Team!”


                                         The End