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09.09.2006 (September 9th, 2006 CE):
N-finity here. It's the 17th Anniversary of Captain N: The Game Master today, making over two-thirds of my life having been in coexistance with Captain N: The Game Master.

I no longer know how old this site is. Eight years? I think around that, at least. 1999 seems like when we started. Maybe I'm wrong. Time does that -- it makes things less clear.

However, time sometimes makes things clearer as well. This site has been in this design for many a year -- at least five -- and time approaches for a change. Some of us have been working towards how to form that change for a long time... and this year is when we will change it. The form of the layout is not yet clear, but we know the form of the function... and it does work and is still being worked on so that, when it arrives, it works as we need it to.

Images, synopses, novelizations... all these need to be cleaned. The road ahead is not without troubles, but the road ahead is also with great reward.

It will be good to walk that road and see what we can learn through it.

Be well, Kevin Keene, Game Master. Be well; we will see you on the way.

Click here for Pchan's 17th Anniversary Image!
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