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Captain N - Television Series - General Information
   Captain N: The Video Game master was a cartoon about a teenager, Kevin Keene, who was sucked into an alternate dimension where video games are real. He becomes Captain N, the savior of Videoland, and, with the help of the N Team, fights the forces of the evil Mother Brain.
   Captain N lasted three seasons and 34 episodes in all. It was a process that started with Season 1, entirely written by Jeffrey Scott. Season 2 was written by a variety of writers, none of whom were Jeffrey Scott. Season 2 also introduced Game Boy, one of the least liked characters of Captain N, to the series as a member of the N Team. Unfortunately, Season 3 showed that Captain N was doomed in its first episode. The quality of animation had become horribly low and the episodes were reduced in time to fiteen minutes. Captain N slowly died.
Captain N - Television Series - General Information
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