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Captain N - Comicbook Series - Characters - N-Team
Duke is Kevin's loyal dog. He is a bit cowardly.
Kevin Keene is Captain N. Although he is not a perfect gamer he protects Videoland from the League of Darkness.
Icarus, from Mount Olympus, is a winged archer. It is interesting to note that in the comics series, as opposes to that of television, Kid Icarus wears a yellow toga instead of white.
Princess Lana is the leader of Videoland. She uses her royal sceptor as a weapon.
Samus Aran, unlike the television series, is in the comics. She is a famous bounty hunter and it is unknown that she is a female until she reveals it to Lana and Kevin in the first comic.
Captain N - Comicbook Series - Characters - N-Team
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