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Captain N - Fandom - Fiction - Rating System
Each rating has two sets of numbers to it. This is to more accurately, at a glance, give information about the story. A higher number indicates either more often appearance of that element or, in the case of the Story Rating, a better written plot or story. The ratings go from vary from one (lowest) to five (highest).

R: Story Rating: Story Quality/Plot
L: Language Severity/Frequency
V: Violence: Severity/Cause
S: Sexuality Severity/Purpose

Example:For a story with a rating of R: 2/3, V: 5/2, L: 3/2, S: 5/1...
R: 2/3 indicates a slightly below average writing in terms of writing style, syntax, etc. with an average plot quality.
L: 3/2 would indicate the use of moderate profanity (such as "damn it") but only slight usage, perhaps one or two profanities in the entire story.
V: 5/2 would indicate that someone is killed, but it wasn't described in tremendious detail (or is due to injury from sports).
S: 5/1 indicates there is full frontal nudity, but no one is doing anything. This could also be description, of a graphic, but artistic, piece of work.
More details on the ratings system will be available shortly so that you may better choose your reading selections.

Captain N - Fandom - Fiction - Rating System
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